Flag of Spain (Credit: Just Pictures and Photos Blog)

Catalonia Crisis: The Church Needs to Speak Out – and Fast

by Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, Ph.D.,

of Catholic Herald

How I Played Footsie with Evil & How God Set Me Straight – Vicki Burbach, Plcn’s Brst
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Why Do Blacks & Hispanics Have More Abortions Than Others – R. O’Bannon Ph.D., LN
U.K.: What a Fish Tank Can Tell Us about Divorce – Harry Benson, Mercatornet
Have We Surrendered Our Kids to the Popular Culture? – Fr. Rob. McTeigue S.J., Aleteia
5 Steps to Finding a Spiritual Director – Blake Robinson, Aleteia
Private Conscience and the Church – Fr. John Catoir J.C.D., Catholic Stand
Why We Pray for the Dead – Marcellino D’Ambrosio Ph.D., Integrated Catholic Life™
New ‘Pint-ifex’ Beer Honours Benedict XVI – Dan Hitchens, Catholic Herald
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Thy Will be Done on Earth – Susan Skinner, Catholic Stand
For the VVEDNESDAY CATHOLICA EDITION (1 November AD 2017) click here.
For the 2017 All-Saints Day Edition (1 November AD 2017) click here.
For the VVednesday Revolution, Not Reformation Edition (1 Nov. AD 2017) click here.

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