Time for Parents to Resist Transgender Activism

by Emily Zinos,

of First Things

Dossier From Georgetown Canon Law Suit Reveals Extensive Concerns – Crdnl Newman Soc.
The Anti-Catholic Bigotry of Dame Louise Casey – Joanna Bogle, The Dispatch
Eggs and Anti-Catholicism Hurled at Churchgoers in Scotland – Catholic News Agency
The Missing Biblical Rib – Edouard Belaga Ph.D., Catholic Stand
Trigger Warnings for a Fragile Generation – Patti Maguire Armstrong, NC Register
Knowing Your Enemy And Fighting Back – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand
Homesteaders’ Churches Last for Generations – Patti Maguire Armstrong, NC Register
New Release Highlights the Beauty of Gregorian Chant – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Revisiting Ross on the Immateriality of Thought – Edward Feser Ph.D.
Formerly Suicidal Man’s Sight is Restored Through Adult Stem Cells – Patty Knap, NC Register
Social Doctrine is about Solidarity, Catholic Leaders Insist – M. Hadro, Catholic News Agency
Will Congress Ban Abortion & Assisted Suicide Funding in District of Columbia? – W. Laugesen


Benedict XVI Faces His Toughest Critic: Himself

by Phil Lawler,

of Catholic Culture

My Dream for My Kids: Celibacy – Matthew Walther, Catholic Herald
5 Rules for the New Catholic – David Mills, Aleteia
The Wrong Way to Speak to Children – Marcia Segelstein, National Catholic Register
Stay-at-Home Moms Have 4 Tough Tasks – Carrie Gress Ph.D., National Catholic Register
Contemplating Martyrdom: A Test of My Faith – Allison Low, Catholic Stand
Holiness is Not to be Sneered At – Richard Ingrams, Catholic Herald
Back to (Extra)Ordinary Time; Facing Depression – Jim Dougherty, Catholic Stand
Embrace Silence – Eric Neubauer, 21 Century Pilgrim
Catholic ​Leadership: The Hinge, the Crisis & the Context​ – Brice Sokolowski, Cthlc Fndrsr
Righteousness Exalts a Nation – James H. Toner, The Catholic Thing
The Beauty of the Liturgy – Joe Sales
Monastic Chant Forum at Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight, July 2017 – David Clayton, New Lit Mov


Surprised By Three Miracles

by Melanie Jean Juneau,

of Catholic Stand

Join the 9 Days for Life Novena for the Protection of Unborn Children – Susie Lloyd, NC Rgstr
St. Hildegard on Reclaiming Marriage through Christ – The Five Beasts
What the Reported Drop in US Abortion Rate Really Means – Matt Hadro, CNA via NC Register
5 Rules for Inspiring People to Fundraise for You – Brice Sokolowski,
4 Oscar-winning Catholic Movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age – Thomas Craughwell, The Reg
The Spiritual Roots of the Church’s Crisis – R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine
St. Michael & Our Lady of Fatima: Why 2017 is Such a Critical Moment – Msgr. Charles Pope
Quæritur: Diluting Holy Salty Water. . . Salty Holy Water. . . Just Plain Holy Water – Fr. Z’s Blog
Cardinal O’Malley appointed to Vatican office for Doctrine of the Faith – E. Harris, CNA via Rg
Quæritur: Can Absolution be Granted when No Purpose of Amendment Exists? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Polish Parliament Recognizes Coronation of Mary as Nation’s Queen – Hannah Brockhaus, CNA
Did SNAP Receive Kickbacks for Suing the Church? – Kevin J. Jones, Cthlc Nws Agncy via Reg
How Opus Dei Elects a New Leader – Elise Harris, Catholic News Agency via NC Register


Trad Lives Matter! US Bishop Attacks “Ad Orientem” Worship, Overrides Summorum Pontificum

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

Fr. Z’s Blog

Oh No, Look What Trump’s Done: Appointed Someone to Cabinet Who Once Prayed – Ross Jr.
We Need the Voice of Anthony Esolen – Thomas Clements, Ignitum Today
Who Is Steve Bannon? – Edwards Pentin, National Catholic Register
Have Priests of Malta been Threatened with Suspension if They Resist The Maltese Fiasco? – Z
The Power of The Mass: Why I Remain Catholic – Wendy McMahon, Catholic Stand
Holding President Trump to His Pro-Life Pledges – The Editors, National Catholic Register
Poverty, Children, and Single-Parent Families – Russell Shaw, The Dispatch via The CWR
When 300% Growth is Not Enough: The Measure of African Evangelization – Phil Lawler, CC
Remembering Kevin Starr, Catholic Historian – Stephen Schwartz, First Things
Joy in Dropping Everything to Follow: 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time – John Bergsma Ph.D.
Defunding Planned Parenthood: Community Health Centers Can Fill in the Gap – CNA via NCRg


(Photo Credit: Dario Lo Presti via Shutterstock)

The Story Behind Sex Change Surgery You Haven’t Heard

by Mary Rezac,

of the Catholic News Agency

Are These Not Some of the Most Stunning Chalices You’ve Ever Seen? – Laura Hensley, epcPw
Ex-SNAP Lawsuit Exposes Lawyer Kickbacks, Exploitation of Victims, Corruption – D. Pierre Jr.
Vocations, Lifestyles, and Doing God’s Will – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand
Michael Mencer, Recipient of Astonishing Miracle in 1963, Dies at 61 – Joseph Pronechen, Reg
Laughing at Death – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
A Response to the Bishops of Malta – Luma Simms, First Things
Architectural Signs of Hope – Randall Smith Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
Update on “How to Read Your Way to Heaven” – Liz Estler, Catholic Spiritual Direction
How Not to Minister to the Divorced and Remarried – Fr. Joseph Levine, Crisis Magazine
Marjorie Dannenfelser on ‘A Moment of Historic Opportunity’ for Life – Matthew Bunson, Reg
Without Hope in Eternal Life, Art Loses a Great Source of Creativity – Francis Phillips, CH


This Catholic Photographer Creates Astounding Modern Art of the Saints

by Theresa Williams,

of epicPew

The Guardian Newspaper Propagates Fake History – George Weigel, The Cthlc World Report
Meltdown in Malta – Fr. Gerald E. Murray, The Catholic Thing
The Shocking Nebraska Law that Barred a Nun from Teaching – Catholic News Agency
God is Interested in Your Love Life – Thomas Clements, Ignitum Today
The ‘Integration Tsar’ Who Excludes Catholics – Sir Edward Leigh, Catholic Herald
Desire. . . Love. . . Longing. . . and More – Bart Schuchts, Catholic Stand
Incoherence of Bp. McElroy’s on Catholic Social Thought, Public Unions – Ste. Bainbridge J.D.
Trump has Shaken the Liberal Order, Where Does That Leave Christians? – Matthew Schmitz
Contradictions bt. Maltese Directive & CDF’s ’94 Letter on Divorced-Remarried – Edw. Pentin
Does NY Times Style Guide Discourage Using March For Life in News Reports? – Terry Mattingly
Time for God, Fr. Jacques Philippe’s Classic on Mental Prayer – Nancy Ward, Cth Sprtl Drctn
Order of Malta, Holy See Remain at Odds Over Inquiry Commission – Edward Pentin, NC Rgstr
Books Recently Received: Beautiful Manuals for Devotions – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Does Defunding Planned Parenthood Really Threaten Women’s Health? – Matt Hadro, CNA
The Two Feasts of St. Peter’s Chair – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement


Anglican Ordinariate Bishop Steven J. Lopes Issues Pastoral Letter on Amoris Lætitia

by Bishop Steven J. Lopes, S.T.D.,

via the National Catholic Register

Megyn Kelly Offers Mere Glimpses of Her Catholicism in Autobiography – Richard Ostling, GR
Fixing Things the Wrong Way – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D., In the Light of the Law
9 Truths About The Holy Spirit No Catholic Can Live Without – Laura Hensley, epicPew
Trump’s Catholics: Who Is Part of the Church Flock? – Brian Fraga, National Catholic Register
A Catholic Candidate: Now As Before – Ann Casey, Catholic Stand
Pro-life Feminists Booted from Women’s March Sponsorship – A. Mena, Catholic News Agency
Jihad: Searching for a Motive – William Kilpatrick Ph.D., The Dispatch via The Cth Wor Rep
A Tale of 2 Lectionaries: Qualitative vs. Quantitative Measures – Peter A. Kwasniewski Ph.D.
Apostolic Succession as Seen in the Jerusalem Council – Dave Armstrong, Natl Cthlc Register
St. Louis Archbishop Speaks Out Against Proposed Abortion Law – Catholic News Agency
The Power and Purpose of Prayer – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, National Catholic Register
Families, Schools & Churches: Building Blocks of a Healthy Social Ecology – Erika Bachiochi J.D.
A Look at the New Martyrs, Book Pick: The Global War on Christians – John M. Grondelski

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