VVednesday Revolution, Not Reformation Edition

Reformation Wall (Credit: Shameless Popery)

Reformation Day Ironies

by Joe Heschmeyer,

of Shameless Popery

Luther Left the Church; Today, Dissenters Stay – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Wiker on Reformation: Enlightening, Balanced Reflection on Past & Present – The CWR
The Errors of Martin Luther and his Disciples – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic in the Ozarks
Why Multi-Denominationalism Doesn’t Work – Trent Beattie, Catholic Lane
Enemies of Christianity at the Time of the Reformation – Benj. D. Wiker Ph.D., Crisis
What Caused the ‘Reformation’? A Catholic Explainer – Mary Rezac, CNA/EWTN News
Counter-Reformation Art – Yonat Shimron, Crux
Lamenting Luther’s ‘Reformation’ – Charlotte Allen, The Catholic Thing
Podcazt 159: Catholics and Lutherans about Justification – Fr. Z’s Blog
Martin Luther: Prophet or Revolutionary? – Fr. Serafino M. Lanzetta, Rorate Cæli
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