Communist China Propaganda Poster (Photo Credit: Fr. Z’s Blog)

Our New ‘Catholic Cultural Revolution’s Red Guard; Their Cadres and Their Tactics

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Secret Children of Priests: Solid A.P. Report Takes a Very Strange Turn – Ter. Mattingly, GR
The War Against Cardinal Sarah – Marco Tosatti, First Things
Pope Benedict XVI the Prophet – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic in the Ozarks
More About Indefectibility – Wherein Fr. Z Rants About Popes, Councils, Priests – Fr. Z’s Blg
Growing Old and Kinless in America – Marcus Roberts, Mercatornet
Why No One Should Be Shocked By Hollywood Sex Scandals – Fr. Bill Peckman, ChurchPop
How to Fit Fundraising Into Your Catholic Faith – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Fundraiser
As We Enter Heaven, We’ll Be Greeted by Grateful Souls We Prayed for in Purgatory – RCM
John Turturro & Rupert Everett to Star in Umberto Eco’s Medieval Murder Mystery – Aleteia
Which Country is the Worst Persecutor of Christians? – John Clark, NC Register
Pro-Life Leaders Urge Caution After Bomb Threat at 40 Days for Life Prayer Event – Bilger
Catholic Ethics, the Trolley Car Problem, and Driverless Cars – Bob Kurland, TACatholic
Catholic Tradition, St. John Paul II, and the Death Penalty – E. Christian Brugger, Pub Dis
Same Kind of Different As Me: The Healing Power of Forgiveness – Patti M. Armstrong, CL
Let Prayer Be Your Air – Gabriel Garnica, Catholic Stand
Texas Bishops Criticize ACLU’s Support for Teen Immigrant’s Abortion – CNS via Crux
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