The Symbol for Atheism (Credit: India Times)

Texas Church Massacre: Those Atheism Comments on That Facebook Page

by Terry Mattingly

of Get Religion

Anti-Catholic Bigotry Surfaces in Virginia – Brian Burch, Catholic Vote
No Tears Here for Teen Vogue – Nicole Stacy, Catholic Vote
False Abuse Accusations Rampant Against Chicago Ex-Priest McCormack – TMR
Pope Approves Amazon Debate on Ordaining Married Men to Priesthood – M. Rezac, Rg
Wealthy Foundation Aims: Attack Religious Freedom, Christianity – K. Jones, CNA
Mentally Ill Patients in Belgium Euthanized Instead of Receiving Aid – A. Schadenburg
Exclusive: How to Follow Your Vocation (& Go on Holiday) – Brice Sokolowski, CF
Conversing with Skeptics – Ben Butera, The American Catholic
World Day of the Poor Highlights Change of Attitude – CNA/EWTN News via The CWR
Three Chords and the Truth: Angels & Humans – Deacon Greg Lambert, Catholic Stand
The Vatican Advisors and Population Control – John-Henry Westen, Life Site
Remembering Those Martyred by Socialism in Spanish Civil War – Á. Carmona, Acton
Black Catholic History Month: Learn & Share Rich History – A. Taylor, CNS via Crux
Catholic U. of America Offers Free Tuition to Puerto Rican Students – CNA via CWR
Vatican Conf: How to Help Trafficking Victims Re-enter Society – H. Brockhaus, CNA
Victims of Islamic State in Focus at U.N. Forum – CNA/EWTN News
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