Pope Francis SmilingPope Francis Insists on Attention to Constitution on the Liturgy – Mirus

The U. K. Ordinariate 3 Years Later: A Snapshot – Joanna Bogle
Chesterton’s Pursuit of Holiness – William Doino Jr., First Things
Blessed be the Peacemaker – Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing
Romano Guardini: Father of the New Evangelization – Ch. Shannon
Trust in God the Father Alone: 8th Sun., Ordinary Time – Michael Barber
The Deep Irony of Sam Harris – James Chastek PhL, Just Thomism
Vatican II on Atheism: The Sources of Atheism – Stephen Bullivant, St Nt
Can Non-Catholics be Saved? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery
Rediscovering the Martyrology – George Weigel, Aleteia
B16: The Test of True Creativity in Art & Music Is Popularity – D. Clayton
Gatecrashing the Trinity: Don Miller & Why Catholics Go 2 Mass – L. M.
How Does God Treat Men Who Destroy His Temple? – Micah Murphy, T&C
Legion of Christ Completes Extraordinary General Chapter – Edw. Pentin
Crd. Müller: Doctrine Clear on Issue of Remarried Divorcees – I. S., V. I.
Francis: Anointing of the Sick Assures Christ’s Nearness – K Lenartowick
Dignity in Death – Michelle Fritz, Catholic Stand
Death of Reform of the Reform Part 3: Falling Between 2 Stools – J Shaw
Married St. Louis Deacon to be Ordained as Priest – Byzantine Edition
The Age of The Laity Is Not A Secular Trend – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
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