Myth BusterDestroying Myths of the Catholic Church – Karl Keating, Catholic Answers

Bad Liturgy Is Not A Victimless Crime, Just Ask Jimmy Fallon – S. Skojec
Welcome to the Dark Age of Designer Babies – Carly Andrews, Aleteia
Gov’t May Seize Cathedral of Cordoba & Turn Into Mosque – The Epn Flw
The Prison of Father MacRae: A Conspiracy of Silence – R. A. MacDonald
Flourishing Religious Movements, Best Hope for Future – Fr. Lucie-Smith
On Daughters, Vocation & Human Happiness – Richard Becker, Crisis Mgz
Not Science Fiction: FDA Evaluating 3-Parent Embryo Creation – Skojec
How Do the Two Become One? – The Alexanders, Cthlc Spiritual Direction
Christianity: Foundation of Western Success – Samuel Gregg, Crisis Mgzn
Divine Gov’t: 6 Question by Aquinas on the Eternal Law – H. H. Ambrose
The Benedict Option & the Lay Vocation – John T. Goerke, Crisis Mgzn
Facebook’s Shift on Gender Draws Catholic Criticism – Jonathan Liedl
Beyond the Great Lenten Phone & Facebook Fast – Tom Hoopes, Cth Vote
Media Consumption Habits for Optimal Biz & Life Outcomes – Ch. Weber
Does NYTimes Think Religious Freedom Violates 1st Amendment? – G&C
B16 Affirms Absolute Validity of His Resignation – K. Lenartowick
B16: Questions About Validity of Resignation are “Absurd” – E. Pentin
Jesuit Identity: Stormy Petrils Lose One at Santa Clara U. – Motley Monk
The Death of the Reform of the Reform? The Liturgical Movement – Shaw
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