Punk Rocker Describes His Return to Catholicism – Madeleine Teahan, CH

Too Much Information – Marc Barnes, Bad Catholic
Weighty Problems – Michael Cook, Mercatornet
What are the 5 Ways of Thomas Aquinas? – Matt Fradd
Take the Saint Thomas Aquinas Pledge – Russ Rentler MD
Brief Meditation on Mystery – Msgr. Charles Pope
Close to Home – Fathers for Good, Catholic Lane
When Was It? – Matthew Olson, Answering Protestants
The Magna Carta, the Document that Changed the World – Ed West, CH
A Sacrifice Freely Given: A Homemaker’s Choice – Caitlin Marchand, Ig Td
3 Kings & a Baby – Gabriel Garnica, Catholic Stand
March for Life Report – Teresa Graas, Aleteia
Proclaiming Life: Preborn vs. Unborn – Diane McKelva, Catholic Stand
Abp. Cordileone Asks Young to Defend Life & Marriage – Joan F. Desmond
Islamists Slaughter Dozens in Nigeria, also During Mass – Fr. Z’s Blog
With Tragedy & Sadness Comes Remarkable Miracle of Hope – Stp. Ryan
Let’s Talk About Modesty – Kevin Tierney, Catholic Exchange
Proverbs 15:1 – Mariel Roersma, Faith Hope and Life
Interpreting Constitution: Some Basic Plumbing Lessons – The Motley Monk
A Cautionary Tale Without Much Caution – Nick Olszyk, The CWR Blog
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