LuciferSatan Is Real, Read These Amazing Stories – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, SOMH

Spirit of Vatican II Cardinals Attack – Antonio Socci, Libero Quotidiano
Priest Gets Death Threats Celebrates Mass w/Bulletproof Vest – J. Septién
Catholic Snacks Interview with Stacy Trasancos – T. J. Burdick, Cthlc Snacks
What Is Yoga? A Catholic Perspective (Part I) – Fr. Ezra Sullivan OP, RCSD
Msgr. Wm. Lynn Is Free & Prosecutor Is ‘Disgusted’ – Fr. Gordon J. MacRae
New Art from Daniel Mitsui: Our Lady of Walsingham! – Fr. Z’s Blog
New Homophiles: Stories Without a Who or What – Elizabeth Scalia, Frs Thn
Do Teens Actually Want Sacred Music? – Ben Yanke, The Chant Café
Where Have All the Good Preachers Gone? – Peter Kwasniewski, Nw Lt Mv
St. Thomas Aquinas & the Thirteenth Century – Josef Pieper, Ign Ins Scp
Manoppello’s Holy Face Shrine Sees Uptick in U. S. Interest – Alan Holdren
Saint G. K. Chesterton? – Dale Ahlquist, Catholic Exchange
Truly Worthy of Man: Mature Purity & Custody of the Heart – Dcn J Russell
Understanding the Dark Side of the Moon: Part 2 – Emma Smith, Igntm Tdy
Searching for a Catholic High School – Matthew Archbold, The Reg
Sacrificing Religious Life: A Reply to Critics – Br. Justin Hannegan, Crisis
Are Children a Burden or a Blessing? – Karee Santos, Catholic Lane
Fragile SOTU – God & Caesar
Free Speech  Politics in San Francisco – Gibbons J. Cooney, The CWR Blog
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