The Devil Is Dancing – Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine

The Book That Shows Dangers of Secularism by Pope Francis – F. Phillips
CDF Head Talks SSPX, Lib Theology & the Divorced-Remarried – CNA
A Case for Sunday Rest – Justina Miller, Truth and Charity Forum
A New Book by Francis Cardinal Arinze – Alvino-Mario Fantini, The CWR
My Favorite 10 Books of 2013 – Brandon Vogt
The Mysterious, Persistent Call of Beauty – Matthew Becklo, Aleteia
The Battle for Souls, Mystic Saints vs. Demons – Mystics of the Church
Why Successful Societies Require Truth & Goodness – Dr. Jeff Mirus
Tools for Thinking Sensibly about Scripture – Mark P. Shea, Strng Ntns
Quæritur: Genuflecting for Communion in 3rd Trimester – Fr. Z’s Blog
Reincarnation in the Bible? – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers
Joseph’s True Fatherhood – Fr. Paul Scalia, Catholic Exchange
How Christianity Civilized Barbarian Europe – Emmet Scott, New Eng Rev
Medieval Latin Dictionary Finished After 100 Years – Tom McDonald
The 10 Authentic Trappist Monk Beers – Saint Peter’s List
Millenials & Their Spiritual Life – Tim Glemkowski, Ignitum Today
Rediscovering Heinrich Pesch & Solidarism – Stephen M. Krason, Crisis
The Cholera Cross: A Monument of Faith – Deacon Jim Russell, CS
Pope Francis Shocked by Same-Sex Adoption –
Ancient Manuscript Reveals Adam Had Midlife Crisis At Age 452 – EyeTbr
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