A Christmas Gift I Didn’t Get! – Fr. Z’s Blog

Pope Abolishes Monsignor Title for Priests Under Age of 65 – G O’Connell
Henry VIII & the Little Sisters of the Poor – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Significant Others – Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine
Having “Only” One – Marie Meaney PhD, Truth and Charity Forum
Complicating Conception: Parents Desires & the Rights of Children – PD
Jahi McMath’s Mother Cleared to Take Teen From Hospital – J. Heimann
Common Core at Odds with Classical Catholic Education – Bob Laird, CED
Hilaire Belloc’s ‘Remaining Christmas’ – Gerald Russello, The Reg
Evangelii Gaudium 4: Activism & Spiritual Poverty – Jos. Shaw, LMS Blog
New Year’s Day Too Soon after Xmas, Move It Back to March – D Selwood
Plenary Indulgences for Particular Days – Fr. Tim Finigan
Belgian “Doctors” To Kill Kids They Think They Can’t Cure – Matt Briggs
The Hits & Misses of 2013 – Fr. Gordon MacRae, These Stone Walls
Pope Francis Shocked by Same-Sex Adoption –
@WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: Anti-Catholic Bigot – Teófilo, Vivificat
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