Joseph Bottum on Marriage

Joseph Bottum, Weary and Wearisome – Matthew J. Franck, First Things
Bottum Flip-Flops On ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ – Rod Dreher
Jody Bottum: God’s Good Servant, but the King’s First – Mark Shea
Joseph Bottum Writes “The Long Goodbye” – Frank Weathers, YIMCthlc
From the Bottum Up: The Pathos of Joseph Bottum – Sam Rocha, Path
Joseph Bottum Responds on Facebook – Joseph Bottum
Jody Bottum Thinks I’ve Accused Him of Not Being Pro-Life – Mark Shea
The Christian Case for Marriage Multiplicity – John Zmirak, C’weal
First Things First! – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
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Joseph Bottum & Same-Sex Marriage – (Aug. 27, A.D. 2013)
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