A Response to Bill O’Reilly on Homosexuality & Marriage – Fr. Guarnizo
Not Everyone Loves Raymond – Dr. Edmund J. Mazza, The Cthlc Wrld Rprt
Just Because This Is Amazing: Agnus Dei – Jeffrey A. Tucker, Chnt Cfé
Young Newcomer to the Extraordinary Form Mass – Jennifer Donelson
Math, the Handmaiden of Theology: Augustine & Cantor – R. Kurland
Singing Propers & Ordinary. . .at Low Mass? – Jeff Ostrowski, Views. . .
How Do I Share My Faith When I am Naturally Shy? – Fr. Jn. Bartunek LC
Does the Bible Teach that Pi = 3? – Trent Horn, Strange Notions
Pope Francis Will Address Modern Slave-Trade Scourge – Daily Reg
The Christian Vestiges of Post-Christianity – Howard Kainz, Crisis Mgzn
The Heroes of Sundance – Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, Catholic News Agency
Teeter-Totter Anglicanism – Fr. O, An Irish Ordinariate
Abp. Myers Blasts False Reporting on Abuse Case –
Atheism: A Form of Insanity? – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Cthlc
It’s Official: the European Union Hates Christianity – Rorate Cæli
Clashing Claims, New Mexico and Religious Freedom – Ryan T. Anderson
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