Humanae Vitae and Scripture: A Missed Opportunity – Ray E. Atwood, H&PR
Family and Faith: A Two-Way Street – Gerald J. Russello, University Bookman
The Very Necessariness of Everyone – Sherry Antonetti, Catholic Stand
The Problem of Spiritual Isolation – Jon Sorensen, Catholic Answers
Introducing Young Adults to Sacred Music – Jennifer Donelson, Chant Café
Mary Magdalene and Peter: Pattern for the Ages – Taylor Marshall PhD, CT
Forfeiting The Patriarchal Dividend – Dalrock
Fireweed Children and NFP – Allison, Catholic Sistas
SYG on Self-Defense – God & Caesar
Tomlinson Our Contemporary – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic
Christians are Often Portrayed as Bigoted or Old-fashioned – M. Teahan, CH
Beware of Sophistical Education “Reformers” – Steven J. Rummelsburg, CM
The Fusion of Three Chirstological Devotions – Edward Looney, Ignitum Tod
Valuing All of the Facets of Life – Matthew Olson, Ignitum Today
The Beauty of the Big Family – Adfero, Rorate Cæli
Knowledge or Entertainment? – Byz Pulpit
California Students Choose Genders, Bathrooms – William M. Briggs, STTS!
The Stunning Facts About Detroit – John, Tavern Keepers
Looking for the GOD & CAESAR EDITION, click here.
Looking for the BYZANTINE EDITION click here.

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