Five Myths About Pope Francis – William Doino Jr, FT/On the Square
It’s a Boy! His Royal Highness Departs the Womb – Dana Ford, CNN
She Has Loved Much – Rachana Chhin, Ignitum Today
The Catholic Faith – Ever Ancient Ever Young – Fr. D. Longenecker, SoMH
How We Built Our Village – Jennifer Fulwiler, Conversion Diary
Blotted Out from the Book of Life? – Devin Rose, Ignitum Today
The Casino and the Cathedral – Jeffrey Tucker, The Chant Café
Ignore God, It Works for Me! – Howard Duncan, Catholic Stand
“I Am Woman” Ironic Ode to the Embryo – Leila Miller, Little Catholic Bubble
Mary Ann Glendon and Religious Freedom – R. W. Garnett, PubDiscourse
Four Common Tactics of the Devil – Msgr. Charles Pope, ADW Blog
New Support for the Cosmological Argument – Trent Horn, Strange Notions
A Life-Long Perfect Music Lesson – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Why Do We Homeschool? – Elizabeth Yank, Catholic Lane
Maybe World War One Generals Weren’t Idiots – DarwinCatholic, TACatholic
Good News about the Liverpool Care Pathway – Francis Phillips, Cath Her
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