Next Time, There Will Be No Excuses On What Is ‘Essential’ – Joseph Pearce at Crisis Magazine
The Lock Down Is No Longer Morally Justifiable – Edward Feser, Ph.D.
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament – EWTN Poland
Who Knew? Who Cares? There is No Such Thing as the Catholic Church of Illinois – T. Mattingly
Can You Fulfill Your Sunday Mass Obligation During “Lock Down” by Watching Online? – Fr. Zed
Thousands Of Churches Are About To Defy Lockdown Orders, It’s About Time – John D. Davidson
Pentecost: Seeing Red for All the Right Reasons (Catholic Mode Blog) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Perpetually Drunk – Fr. John Hunwicke at Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment
Donor Fatigue, Does It Really Exist? – Brice Sokolowski at
A Time to Disobey – Kurt T. Lash at Law & Liberty
White House Deems Houses of Worship Essential, Will Override Governors – ChurchPOP
The ‘Enlightenment’ Inquisition Against Great Scientists – Dave Armstrong at NC Register
Covid-19 & Real Demon in Democracy – Brian Jones at The Catholic World Report
Beloved Pastry Invented by Catholic Nun in 17th Century: The Neapolitan – Zelda Caldwell
Catholic Action: The Bishop Who Directed a Siege Defence – Charles Coulombe at Cthlc Herald
Opening Salvos in Pope Francis’s Financial ‘Reform 2.0’ – John L. Allen, Jr., at Crux
Word of the Day: Disciple – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Jasper via Magdalen College
How Benedictine Monks Inspired The Graduation Gown – Msgr. Owen F. Campion at OSV News
The Idea of the Catholic School – Chad C. Pecknold, Ph.D., at First Things
Working Toward Christian Unity – Bishop Mitchell Rozanski at Simply Catholic
Let’s Celebrate the Vigil of Pentecost – John M. Grondelski, Ph.D., at National Catholic Register

The Fate of the First Amendment Will Be Decided By These 9 Cases – Patrick J. Reilly at Crisis
Liberalism & Sacred Order – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Reviving the Freedom of Association – Nathanael Blake, Ph.D., at Public Discourse

Katie At The Bar – David Mills at Catholic Herald

Anti-Religious Studies – Mark Bauerlein at First Things

Other Link(s):
‘Criminal Minds’ Actor Joe Mantegna Takes Role as Advocate for Padre Pio – J.P. Mauro
Report Calls for Reform of the Church in Australia
– Catholic Herald

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