The Pope Against Masses on TV: “This Is Not the Church”
– Sandro Magister at Settimo Cielo. . .
Harvard Mag Calls for Presumptive Ban on Homeschooling: 5 Things It Got Wrong
– K. McDonald
Our Body is Not a Burden or a Barrier: It’s a Bridge – Scott W. Hahn, Ph.D., at St. Paul Center
Hulu & the Press Give Schlafly Top Billing; Her Catholic Faith? Say What? – Julia Duin at GR
FŒDVS: War Against Dissenting Aggression, Broken, & More. . . – Tito Edwards at NC Register
We Must Demand Justice for Innocent Priests
– Fr. Nicholas Rynne at Crisis Magazine
Mass Suspensions: The Moral Order & Obedience – Paul Kniaz at Catholic Stand
More about the SSPX & the Heart – Fr. Z’s Blog
Prayer as Personal Discipline of the Heart – Joshua Nelson at Ignitum Today
The Pandemic & Religious Revival – Filip Mazurczak at First Things
Italian Bishops Discuss Resuming Public Masses, Funerals – Cindy Wooden at The Cthlc Weekly
Monday of the Second Week of Easter – Catholic Exchange

Vatican Shenanigans – Philip Lawler at Catholic Culture
A Responsible Bishop
– R.R. Reno at First Things
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament – EWTN Poland
Harvard Professor Wants A ‘Presumptive Ban‘ On Homeschooling
– Emily Zanotti at Daily Wire
Lost Donations During Crisis? How to Recover Lost Funds – Brice Sokolowski at Cthlc Fundraiser
What Jesus Means Telling Magdalene Not to Cling to Him Before Ascending – Msgr. Ch. Pope
Forgotten Eastern Monk Quietly Influences Spiritual Theology For 1700 Years – Ph. Rolfes at uC
Another Point about the SSPX, They are Not a Small, Fringe Group – Fr. Z’s Blog
8 Ways to Rolling Back Church Virus Restrictions
– Msgr. Charles Pope at NC Register
Exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth Explains Lifelong War Against Demons & The Occult – C. Listi at RU
How to Keep the Devil Out of Your Heart
– Ray Sullivan at Catholic Stand
Take Virtual Tour the 4 Most Beautiful Churches in World – Christin Parcerisa at Aleteia
German Cardinal Woelki: It’s ‘High Time’ to Restore Public Masses – CNA via Newsman
Quarantine Reading: The Nun who Made an Empire – Martyn Drakard at Mercatornet
Spiritual Union with Christ – Brianna Huddleston at Catholic Stand
Beware: Sacramental Presence is Always Person-to-Person
– Jef. A. Mirus, Ph.D., at C. Culture
Easter & the Resurrection of the Body – Scott Hahn at St. Paul Center
How Does the Bronze Serpent Foreshadow the Cross? – Stephen Beale at Catholic Exchange
Modern Photos of the Pleterje Charter House in Slovenia – Gregory DiPippo at New Ltrgcl Mvmnt
The Secret to Surviving Covid-19 & Beyond: Adaptability – Maggie Ciskanik at Magis Center
Empty Churches & the Empty Tomb – Matthew Walther at The Week
Massless: 8 Tips For Staying Connected With God – Eric Robinson at epicPew
Saints of Wuhan: Isolation, Suffering, & the Breath of Faith – A.E. Clark, Ph.D., at The CWR
Earning Your Badge: Mementos of Pilgrimage in Middle Ages – Danièle Cybulskie at Medievalist

8 Easy Ways To Celebrate The Easter Season During Lock Down – Chloe Langr at epicPew

Was the Coronavirus Red China’s Pearl Harbor Attack? – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
For Democrats, Social Engineering Trumps Public Health – Casey Chalk at Crisis Magazine

Demonic Deal: Pornography Industry Targets Isolated in Pandemic – L. Brown at NC Register

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