Cardinal Pell Is Finally Freed: The Story Behind the Story – David Pierre at
A Holy Week Message: Hope in the Face of Death; with Scott Hahn – Guest Writer at Newsman
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament – EWTN Poland
St. Patrick’s Cathedral Vandalized after George Pell’s Release – CNA via Newsman
Here’s the Secret to Long Confession Lines – Peter Jesserer Smith at National Catholic Register
Good Friday & the Hidden Meanings of “Golgotha”: Whose Skull Was It? – Scott Smith, J.D.
Dan Burke Reveals Miraculous Virus Recovery Story: I’m Alive Because of Your Prayers – ChPOP
Lessons from a Whisky Priest – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

Saint Veronica: Fact Or Fiction? – Edward Monti at Catholic Stand
Pope Francis Establishes New Commission to Study Women Deaconettes – CNA via Newsman
The Catholic Church After Quarantine – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity
Desperation – Kat Larson at Ignitum Today
Padre Pio & the Friendship of Guardian Angels in Times of Need – M. McKeegan at Cth Exchange
The Novena Story – Madeleine Sanders at Ignitum Today
Catholic Schools Shut Down in Hebei Province, Communist China – Y. Xiangwen at Bitter Winter
Sorrow, Separation, & the Easter Message – Mark C. McCann at Catholic Stand
Holy Week: What’s Live-Streaming & When – Aleteia
7 Books to Ready Kids for Easter & Learn More About the Faith, Too – The Crawfords at NC Rgstr
The Secret Place: The Gift of Godliness & the Beatitude of Meekness – Rosary to the Interior

People are Being Marvelous: UK Homelessness Charities & the Virus – C. Watson at Cthlc Herald

Vatican Calls for Creative Ways to Protect Elderly from Loneliness – Carol Glatz at Crux

How to Live Holy Week More Intensely Through Fasting & Feasting – Solène Trodié at NCRegister

Is the Coronavirus Pandemic a Judgment From God? – Mary Healy at National Catholic Register
Bishops Can Do More to Provide Sacraments Despite Virus Fears, Open Letter Claims – The CWR
Virus Clarity on Confession Suspension: A Primer for Pastors – Fr. R.J. de Souza at NC Register
7 Duties of Dying Christians: Can We Imitate Christ in This, Too? – E. Christian Brugger at Aleteia

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