10 Things to Remember When You Can’t Get to Confession – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Praying the Dry Mass: What to Do in Times of Pestilence – Modern Medievalism
No, Mass Is Not “Canceled” – Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, L.C., at Through Catholic Lenses
The Lord’s Vineyard: Fr. Mark Goring, C.C. – Patrick Coffin at Catholic Stand

On Blackouts – Gerard M. Nadal at Ignitum Today
Confessional Prudence of St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor & Patron of Confessors – Fr. S. O’Brien
Are You Anxious? Do You Worry? The Divine Mercy Message Is for You – G. Zimak at NC Register
The Surrender Novena: Let Jesus Take Care of Everything – M.R. McKeegan at Cthlc Exchange
Life-Saving Prayer to St. Joseph – Carlos Caso-Rosendi
John Paul II’s Guide To Prudence During A Pandemic – Laura Ricketts at epicPew
21 Eucharistic Processions Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – Alyssa Murphy at NC Register

A Sequence in Times of Pestilence – Notkerus Balbulus at Canticum Salomonis
Quarantined Sunday: How Families Can Keep the Day Holy – Mary Farrow at CNA via NC Register
Hurting Over Mass Suspensions? Finding Spiritual Consolation – Rachel & Dr. Gregory Popcak
Redemption Happens In The Dark – Sonja Corbitt at Catholic Spiritual Direction
An 18th Century Chasuble with Scenes from the Life of St. Charles Borromeo – Ltrgcl Arts Jrnl
Fontgombault Sermon: A Virus Frightens Man, The Answer: Believe, Confess, & Receive – R. Cæli
Some Ambrosian Chants For Lent – Gregory DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

Mère Angélique Arnauld on Mortification, Adoration, & Providence – R. Yoder at The Amish Cthlc

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