Italy to Pray Rosary for Protection From Chinese Virus at 3 PM U.S. Central Time – NC Register

The Vandals in the Choir Loft – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing
A Weird & Well-Known Same-Sex Couple in Florida Gets Even Weirder – M. Cook at Mercatornet
Shocking Cavalier Attitude of Church Leaders on Shutdown of Sacramental Ministry – Ph. Lawler
Medjugorje ‘Visionary’ Says Monthly Apparitions Have Come to an End – CNA via Newsman
Churchmanship; An Opportunity For Fr. James Martin to Work On This – George Weigel at FTh

No Rainbows for Saint Patrick – Sean Fitzpatrick at Crisis Magazine
“Unprecedented Prayer Activity”: Popular Novena App Crashes from So Much Use – ChurchPOP
Google Employee Who Assaulted Pro-Lifer Sues Him for $5M for Emotional Distress – Life News
A Priest is a Priest is a Priest: Do Editors Need to Include Church Labels in Headlines? – Get Rlgn

Is Transgenderism Sinful? – E. Christian Brugger, D.Phil., at National Catholic Register
Aging Catholic Priesthood Unable To Comfort The Faithful During Pandemic – Clemente Listi
Laity to the Rescue – David Torkington at Catholic Stand
Saints Who Have Had to Live Without the Eucharist – Meg Hunter-Kilmer at Aleteia
A Spiritual Blast – Fr. Scott W. Brossart, S.O.L.T., at Ignitum Today
How Early Christians Saved Lives & Spread the Gospel During Roman Plagues – Tyler O’Neil
Family Prayer & Devotion to the Blessed Mother – Steve Greco at Catholic Stand
The Radical & Orthodox Faith of Dorothy Day – Larry Chapp at The Catholic World Report

OK, Time to Bloom: Transitioning Wardrobe from Winter to Summer (Fashion) – Meghan. . .
To Our Priests: Lead Us to the Foot of the Cross – Constance T. Hull at Catholic Exchange
Three Myths about Fundraising to Avoid – Brice Sokolowski at
Theological Treatise on the Holy Wells of Ireland – Anja Renkes at Clarifying Catholicism

The Two Most Important Principles to Remember During a Pandemic – S. Barrows at Acton Inst.
So, Do I *Have* to Watch Mass Since I Can’t Go? – Fr. Patrick Briscoe, O.P., at Aleteia
The Great Panic of 2020 – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Coronavirus Latest from Rome – Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register
What Does It Mean? (Cancellation Of Masses) – Anita Moore, O.P., Esq., at V for Victory!
Catholic Nursing Homes Respond to Coronavirus Restrictions – Carol Zimmerman at CNS
In Time of Coronovirus a Priest Foolishly Suggests Confession by Phone, Fail! – Fr. Z’s Blog

Charities Staff See Pandemic Posing Stark Threat to Homeless Population – Tom Tracy at CNS

How Joe Biden Celebrated the Day of a Pro-Abortion Victory – Matthew Archbold at NC Register

Pro-Life Democrat Lipinski Loses Primary in Illinois – Matt Hadro at CNA via The CWR
Farewell to the Pro-Life Democrats – Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review

12 Catholic Movies to Watch During Social Distancing – Andrew Fowler at Aleteia
Action Item! Subscribe to Video Stream of Ss. Trinità in Rome for Traditional Masses Live – Fr. Z
Updated Korean Data – Foxfier at The American Catholic
Collecting Information about Live-Streamed Masses – G. DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement

eFeeding Your Soul – Foxfier at The American Catholic
Options For Streaming Mass During The Coronavirus Pandemic – Alex R. Hey at epicPew

How Communist China’s Virus Cover-Up Caused a Pandemic – Caroline Roberts at Acton Inst.

Video: Advice from an Italian Grandmother about Coronavirus – Fr. Z’s Blog

Quick Link(s):
10 Ways to Help Seniors Through the Coronavirus – Cerith Gardiner at Aleteia

Unicorns & Pro-Life Democrats – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
First Congressman, Mario Diaz-Balart, Tests Positive For Coronavirus – Ch. Ross at The Stream

Victorian Bishops Suspend Mass to Prevent Covid-19 – David Ryan at The Catholic Weekly

Public Masses to be Suspended Across Great Britain – Charles Collins at Crux
Australian Catholic Schools to Remain Operational During COVID-19 – D. Ryan at The C. Weekly
Archbishop Urges Solidarity; Latin Americans Cancel Mass Amid Pandemic – CNS via Crux

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