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Pope to US bishops: No, ‘Synodality’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Democracy’ – John L. Allen, Jr., at Crux

Another Diocesan Bankruptcy: A Moral Choice? – Bob Kurland, Ph.D., at The American Catholic
How the New Pharisees Attack the Latin Mass – Brian Williams at Liturgy Guy
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What If He Is? – Anita Moore, O.P., Esq., at V for Victory!
My 3 Best Time-Savers to Fundraise More Quickly – Brice Sokolowski at
Can a Catholic be a Socialist? No, Nor a Liberal – Christopher J. Malloy, Ph.D., at Theological Flint
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Francis Rules Whereas Paul VI Reigned; Does Vatican Need a Ruler or a King? – A. Gagliarducci
Learning to Surrender – Meredith Lindemon at Catholic Stand
University of Notre Dame Plays Host to Transgender Ideology – Alexandra DeSanctis at NRO
Dwyane Wade’s Selective Essentialism; Justifying Transgender Dysphoria – Mere Orthodoxy
Concerns about Travel & the Coronaviris – Steve Ray at Footprints of God Pilgrimages
The Chair of Peter: Furniture Matters. . . – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
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Computer-Programming Teen Carlo Acutis to Be Beatified – C. Mares at CNA via Catholic Herald

Communist China’s ‘War on Terror’ Uproots Families, Leaked Data Show – Dave Kang at AP

Querida Amazonia Post Factum:
Pp. Francis Thanks Cardinal Müller for Remarks Published in Register – Ed Pentin at NC Register

The Topophiliac Heresy & Biblical Teaching – Fr. John Hunwicke at Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual. . .
Progressives & the Problem of Being More Francis Than the Pope – C. Olson at The C. World Rprt
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In ‘Querida Amazonia,’ Does ‘Mission’ of Aparecida Live Again? – Fr. R.J. de Souza at NC Register

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