Hurt & Angry – Fr. John Hunwicke at Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

The Holy Spirit Spared the Church in Querida Amazonia – Msgr. Charles Pope at NC Register
All Those Synodizers, Those Dreamers of Process, Get a Key Thing Wrong – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Good, the Baffling, & the Unexpected – Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas at The CWR
Pope Francis, is This the Humanæ Vitæ 2.0? – Andrea Gagliarducci at Monday Vatican

‘Querida Amazonia’ & the German Synod – Ed Condon at Catholic News Agency

The Rise of Anglo-Catholicism – Charles Coulombe at The Imaginative Conservative
The Banana Shape: Relax, You Can’t Slip Up! (Catholic Fashion Blog) – Meghan Ashley Styling
The Woman Taking On Big Porn – Sohrab Ahmari at First Things
Doesn’t Matter How Long Lent Is, Don’t Start Your Spiritual Reading Late: 10 Books – JMirus PhD
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Jesuit Gonzaga Univ. Opens America’s First Catholic LGBTQ+ Rights Center – Joseph Sciambra
Olive Branches Between Francis & Cardinal Müller – Fr. Z’s Blog
Patriotism, Poland, & Cardinal Sarah – Jerry Salyer at The Catholic World Report
My Roommate – Kat Larson at Ignitum Today
The Downside of Asking God for Signs – Lilia Borlongan-Alvarez at Catholic Stand
Making Sense of the God of the Old Testament-Canaan Conquest – Convert’s Quest

Jesuit Activist Urges Bishops To Act as India Faces ‘Critical Phase’ – Nirmala Carvalho at Crux
Is Martin Bashir Guilty of Suppressio Veri? Or Suggestio Falsi – Fr. John Hunwicke
Explain the Mass – & Our Faith – To Your Children – Gregory Siqueiros at Catholic Stand
Has That Rising ‘Religiously Unaffiliated’ Tide Started To Slow? – Terry Mattingly at Get Religion
Waiting for Grace: Why Sir Roger Scruton Matters – Janet Meyer at Catholic Stand
Power, Truth, & Relativism In Popular Music – Michael Kurek, A.Mus.D., at Faith & Culture
The Best Place to Start Raising Funds – Brice Sokolowski at
From Earth to Heaven With England’s Glory: Sarum Vespers Resound in Phila. – P. Jesserer Smith
Bringing the Blessed Sacrament to the Battlefield – Tom Nash at Catholic Answers Magazine
Instagram Censors Pro-Life Post to Stop Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome – Life News
The Socialist State as an Occasionalist god – Edward Feser, Ph.D.
Are Icons An Antidote To Instagram – David G. Bonagura, Jr., at The Catholic Thing
Australia: The Euthanasia Slippery Slope Is Real – John Keown at Mercatornet
God at the Workplace: More U.S. Businesses are Encouraging Religious Expression – Jn. Burger
Vatican, Chinese Diplomats Discuss Deal on Bishop Appointments – Catholic News Agency

Vatican Homeless Shelter Continues Long History of the Church’s Charitable Works – OSV

Cardinal Cupich Celebrating What Resembles A Latin Rite Mass  – Sister Karolin Kuhn, S.S.N.D.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World: Visions, Prophecies, Private Revelations –

Quick Link(s):
Cardinal Zen, Cops, & a Cappa Magna – Fr. Z’s Blog
Vatican Insider: Bishop Larry Silva of Honolulu – Joan Lewis at Joan’s Rome

Date Set for Cardinal Pell’s Last Chance Appeal Hearing – CNA via Catholic Herald
Tucson Bishop’s Residence To Become Group Home For Disabled – Associated Press at Crux
Book with Dominican Chants for all the Epistles of the Year Now Available – New Ltrgcl Mvmnt
Remains of Aborted Babies Now in Final Resting Place in Indiana Cemetery – CNS via Our Sun Vs

Mediterranean Summit to Highlight Threats to Christian Survival in Middle East – Elise Ann Allen

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