Thoughts about Document & Fr. Z Opines Also on Something Sad About Bookgate – Fr. Z’s Blog
Vatican Sends Mixed Signals at ‘Querida Amazonia’ Launch – Edward Pentin at NC Register
Pope Has Spoken, but Celibacy Debate is Not Finished – Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture

The Pope Rebuffs His Liberal Supporters by Rejecting Married Priests – Damian Thompson
Pope Declines to Endorse Controversial Synod Proposals – Jimmy Akin at

No Paradigm Shift! – Fr. John Hunwicke at Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment
‘A Lack of Courage’: Germans Divided Over ‘Querida Amazonia’ – CNA via Catholic Herald
Archbishop Gomez Welcomes ‘Querida Amazonia’ – CNA via The Catholic World Report

Initial Take on Latest Papal Exhortation: Defers To The Synod? – Steven O’Reilly at Roma. . .

Cardinal Pell’s Appeal – Fr. Hugh Somerville-Knapman, O.S.B., at Dominus Mihi Adjutor
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Babylon Is Falling – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

Australia Mourns Horrific Death of 4 Devout Catholic Children, Family Inspires Faith – G. Bechara
Pastor Opens Legislative Session With Prayer Against Abortion, So Dems Walked Out – Life Nws
How Church-Goers Voted in the New Hampshire Primary – Matt Hadro at CNA via The CWR
Has Something Arisen Since The Feast Of The Presentation? – Fr. Richard Heilman at Roman. . .
Who You Calling ‘Reactionary’? Changing the Narrative on Tradition – D. Kilby at Catholic Stand
Trial Begins for Archaeologist Accused of Forging Earliest Portrayal of Jesus’ Crucifixion – LvSci
Mexican City Sees Stunning Drop in Violence as Adoration Increases – Patty Knap at NC Register
Spain Found Its Voice, Will We? – Jane Clark Scharl at Crisis Magazine
A Future Patron Saint of Troubled Marriages? – Francis Phillips at Catholic Herald
Pornography & Sex Trafficking are Completely Interwoven, Activists Warn – Ma. Margaret Olohan
Be Edifying- Cut Through Criticism – Julie Machado at Catholic Stand
An Ordinary Life – Noël Valis at First Things
Why Prayer, Fasting, & Almsgiving in Lent? – Scott Smith, J.D., at All Roads Lead To Rome
Why Isn’t the Slaughter of Nigerian Christians a News Story? – Terry Mattingly at Get Religion
An Episcopal Challenge for Elections – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity
It’s All About Power. . . ‘British Baroque’ at Tate Britain – David V. Barrett at Catholic Herald
Holding Christians Accountable for Moral Abuses – Menny Thoughts at Convert’s Quest
Sacramentality on the Western Front – Josh Noem at Church Life Journal
The Best Practices & Benefits of Religious Parenting – D Dollahite, PhD, L Marks, PhD, & H Boyd
Catholic Edgewood College Under Fire for Paying for Abortions in Its Health Insurance Plan – LN

While the Local Church Fights Ortega in Nicaragua, Pope Is Silent – R.C. Berg & F.T. Burke

Seminarian’s Killing a ‘Defining Moment’ for Christians in Nigeria – CNA via The CWR

These Popular Saint Valentine’s Chocolates Honor The Virgin Mary – B. Berdychowski at Rel Unp
A Saint Valentine’s Day Tradition from St. Francis de Sales – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
True Love at Faithful Catholic Colleges – Patrick Reilly at National Catholic Register
Express Your Romantic Love with a Poem from the Bible – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
Tips to Make Your Kids’ Saint Valentine’s Day About True Love, No Crafting! – Mary Jo Gerd

Bishops Have Consecrated Burkina Faso to the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Crux

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