Tony Esolen Pours Acid on News Story about Abortion & Politics – Terry Mattingly at Get Religion
Vatican has ‘No Information’ on Gänswein Leave of Absence Report – H. Brockhaus at NC Rgstr
Vatican Seeks To Explain Absence of Aide After Book Scandal – Nicole Winfield at AP via Crux
Pp. Francis Dismisses Founder of Miles Christi Inst. From Clerical State – CNA via NC Register
Where Modern Marriage is Going Wrong – Francis Phillips at Catholic Herald
Fight Over Christmas Hints of Looming Coptic Schism – Samuel Tadros at Providence Magazine
To Be Deep in History Made Me Catholic – Menny Thoughts at Convert’s Quest
How Did Pro-Life Democrats Caucus in Iowa? – Matt Hadro at CNA via National Catholic Register
Ask Father: Pay the German “Church Tax” or Not, Given What the German Church is Doing? – Fr. Z
Cheating in Baseball? Say It Ain’t So – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at National Catholic Register
Preternatural Theology – Edward Feser, Ph.D.
The Mysterious Meaning of “Ordinary Time” – Michael P. Foley at New Liturgical Movement
Church Observer Warns: Don’t Flatten the Faith to Fit In at the UN – Edward Pentin at NC Register
An Embroidered Lenten Chasuble from Vilnius, Lithuania – Sh. R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal
Why Killing Isn’t Compassion: Lessons from L’Arche – Mary Pesarchick at Catholic Stand
Three Holy Ones of African Heritage Everyone Should Know About – Justin Farr at uCatholic
Where is Mr. Smith Now That We Need Him? – Edouard Belaga, Ph.D., at Catholic Stand
Christians Throughout Nigeria Have Staged Protests Against Rising Persecution – Punch Mgzn
A Child’s Prayer – Thomas Tan at Ignitum Today
As Other Papers Close or Shrink, Oregon’s Catholic Newspaper Endures – Catholic News Service
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Thoughts on the Lay Vocation – Francis X. Maier at The Catholic Thing
The Strawberry Shape: Style with Pluck! (Catholic Fashion Blog) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Catholic Church in Jiangxi Dismantled on the First Day of 2020 – Wang Yong at Bitter Winter
How To Reach More People To Raise More –  Brice Sokolowski at
Bishop in India Categorically Denies the False Allegations of Forced Conversion – Crux

Invoking the Tradition: Catholic Social Teaching in Policy Debates – Ben Peterson at Public Dscrs

German Reports That Pp. Francis Placed +Gänswein on Indefinite Leave of Absence – Bree Dail
Expressions Natural Law & Natural Moral Law have Disappeared Under Pp. Francis – Ed Pentin

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Lady Whom Pp. Francis Assaulted Gets Chance to Shake His Hand – H. Brockhaus at NC Register

My Q & A for Non-Catholics on Catholic Answers Live (Audio & Video) – Steve Ray at Defen. . .

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