Rush Has Lung Cancer; Catholics Owe Him Big Time; Wherein Fr. Z Rants. . . – Fr. Z’s Blog
Super Bowl Halftime Show: Worse Than Tasteless, It’s Full-on Sexual Grooming – NC Register
Surviving Sodom – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine
How is the Catholic Church Spending “Peter’s Pence?” – Amanda Milkovits at Boston Globe
Behind European Bishops’ Reluctance to Acknowledge Brexit – Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture
Controversial “Healing Priest” Fr. Fernando Suarez Collapses, Dies – Philippine Daily Inquirer
Elegant & Insightful Liturgical Handbook Published By Archdiocese of Portland – New Ltrgcl Mov
Do You Really Believe That? – Richard Van Kirk at Catholic Stand
Why Catholics Don’t Need ‘Mindfulness’ – Francis Phillips at Catholic Herald
What Jesus Did Not Say About Hell – Michael Pakaluk at The Catholic Thing
Atlanta Archd. Hosts Pro-Gay Marriage Theologian for Catholic LGBT Retreat – Jos. Sciambra
Cafeteria Catholics & Women’s Ordination to the Priesthood – Convert’s Quest
What Accounts for Western Indifference to Christian Persecution? – Ann Farmer at Mercatornet
Swiss Air Cuts Ties With Company Because Its Owner is a Pro-Life Christian – Life News
Free Will & Evil – Noel Ethan Tan at Ignitum Today
Making Sense of Pp. Francis on Faith, Evangelization, & Proselytizing – E. Echeverria at The CWR
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Nigeria Is A Killing Field Of Defenseless Christians – Theophilus Abbah at Religion Unplugged
The Works of Mercy in Prison: What You Did for My Least Brethren – Rb. Marco at Catholic Stand
How Red China’s Xi is Destroying the Catholic Church & Made Himself God – S Mosher at NYPost
The Strawberry Shape: Style with Pluck! (Catholic Fashion Blog) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Social Media’s War Against Pro-Life Views – Peter Hasson at The Federalist
How To Reach More People To Raise More –  Brice Sokolowski at CatholicFundraiser.net
Draft of Apostolic Exhortation on Amazon Synod Calls for Ordination of Married Men – uCatholic
Red China Tells Priests They Can’t Celebrate Funerals in People’s Homes – CNS via Cthlc Herald
The Index Librorum Prohibitorum: When the Church Had a List of ‘Banned’ Books – uCatholic
New Christian-Muslim Political Alliances? – Paul Marshall at Providence Magazine

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Terminal Sedation Advocate at L.A. Cathedral Friday – California Catholic Daily

Understanding the Psalms Christologically – New Episode of Square Notes Podcast – Nw Lt Mv

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