Pope Francis Continues Shift In U.S. Church –  Jason Horowitz & Elizabeth Dias at The NY Times
Where To Find Donors? . . . Try Here –  Brice Sokolowski at
Church of England Affirms Sex is Only for Heterosexual Marriage – Catholic News Agency
The Dictionary the Politically Correct Don’t Want You to Read – K. Donnelly at The Cthlc Weekly
Abp. Chaput Says Successor is ‘Exactly the Man Our Church Needs’ – Catholic News Service
St. John the Baptist Confusing Words of Knowing Or Not-Knowing Who Jesus Was – Msgr. Pope
The Early Church – Reclaiming Catholic History – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand
Two Crises, One Thing Necessary – Dan Burke at Crisis Magazine
A Mob in the Agora, But Prayer in the Square – Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register
The Limits of Papal Infallibility – Grady Stuckman at Clarifying Catholicism
For Goodness’ Sake, Let’s Learn to Reverence the Name of God – R. MacLennan at Cthlc Herald
Will the Blaine Amendments Fall at Last? – Michael C. Gilleran, J.D., at Crisis Magazine
Retconning the Reformation: Harmonizing Anglo-Catholic Patrimony with the Latin Rite – TCT
Following the Winding Path: The Surrender Novena – Birgit Jones at Ignitum Today
How to Dress Your Shape: Become a Peach of a Pear (Cth Fashion Blg) – Meghan Ashley Styl. . .
Aiming for Pastoral Presence, Bishop Nelson Perez Says He Learned from Chaput – NC Register
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
“The Rubrics Are Our Friends!” A Review of Ceremonies Explained for Servers – The CWR
School Choice Law Rooted in Anti-Catholicism, Supreme Court Hears – Mt. Hadro at NC Rgstr
New Technology Helps Archaeologists Identify Bible Scribes – Gil Zohar at Religion Unplugged
Will Supreme Court Support State Scholarships for Religious Schools? – National Cthlc Register
Fingerprint Scan & Facial Recognition to Enter a Catholic Church in Red China – Fr. Schneider
Suspension Revoked for Vatican’s Financial Watchdog Authority – CNA via The Cthlc World Rprt
Catholic High School Welcomes Students with Special Needs into New Program – Crux
Communist China’s Second Cultural Revolution: Eliminating Religion – Th. F. Farr at First Things
Parish in Rome Opens Doors to the Poor, 24 Hours a Day – Inés San Martín at Crux
New Education Center in Hawaii Honors the Saints of Molokai – Jim Graves at Our Sunday Visitor

Priest Won’t Let Pro-Abort Politico Hold Meeting at Church – Life Nws from Friday Pro-Life Ed.
For the Friday Pro-Life Edition click here.

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Sooo. . .Things Are Going Well For Chinese Catholics – Mt. Archbold at Creative Minority Report

Aleteia is Now on Spotify! Here’s Our Visigothic Chant Playlist – Daniel Esparza at Aleteia

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