How are Cardinal Cupich & Bishop McElroy Going to Spin This? – One Mad Mom
How to Dress Your Shape: Become a Peach of a Pear (Cath. Fashion Blg) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Rainbow Cake Girl: The True Story – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Bishop Knestout Sad That a Lady Won’t Be “Consecrated” as “Bishop” In His Diocese – NC Register
Three Tips on How to Ask for a Donation (My Best 3 Tips) – Brice Sokolowski at Cath. Fundraiser
Card. Sarah Met B16 as Haters Stir “Incessant, Nauseating, Dishonest Controversy” – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Double Effect Principle: A Primer for Confused Catholic Democrats* – Robert Kurland, Ph.D.
“Let the Jesuits Come to Me, With Hands in the Air. . .”; Fr. Z: Let the Jesuits Go To Red China – Z
LA Aux. Bishop (Not Barron) Joins Protest at Proposed Baldwin Park Arbotuary – Cal Cath. Daily
Nursing Student Banned From Hospital Position Just Because She’s Pro-Life – Life News
This is Malicious: Satanic Graffiti on St. Therese Statue, Grotto at Louisiana Church – ChurchPOP
Marxism Died in the East Because It Realized Itself in the West – Augusto Del Noce, Ph.D., at ChLJ
Sir Roger Scruton on Connection Between Modern Art & Loss of the Sacred – E. Pentin at NC Reg
Luminous Tale of Franz Jagerstatter, the Martyr Who Defied Hitler – The Catholic Weekly
Spanish Cardinal: ‘Marxist Communism . . . Has Been Reborn’ In The Country – CNS via Crux
Protesters Have Disrupted the Installation Mass of the New Archbishop of Santiago, Chile – CNA
Exorcists Warn Against Children’s Book Teaching Kids How to Summon Evil Spirits – ChurchPOP
Book Notice: John Henry Newman – On Worship, Reverence & Ritual – Liturgical Arts Journal
Two Kidnapped Syrian Bishops Were Killed in 2016, Investigators Have Concluded – Agenzia Fides
The End of Iraqi Christianity? – John Pontifex at Catholic Herald
Mary is the Antidote to Our Anti-Life Culture – Ava Lalor at Our Sunday Visitor
True Liberty – Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger at The Catholic Thing

Chinese Bishop & Priests Evicted Over ‘Fire Safety’ – CNA via National Catholic Register
Gregorian Univ. to Review Scotland’s Bishop S. Robson’s Allegedly Plagiarized Dissertation – CWR

Pro-Lifers Criticize Study Claiming Most Women Don’t Regret Their Abortions – NC Register
Retired Popes are a Rare Thing; That’s Why It’s Hard to Make Rules for Them – Ch. Collins at Crux

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