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Unpacking the Benedict XVI-Cardinal Sarah Book Fiasco – Edward Pentin at NC Register
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Poor Clares’ Monastery in Tennessee Quietly Closes; Last 4 Nuns Move On – K.P. Focht at Crux

Before & After: St. Joseph’s Church in Shanghai, China – Sh. R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal
Pp. Francis, B16 & the ‘Secret Magisterium’ – Fr. Raymond J. de Souza at NC Register
Brooklyn Diocese Releases Video of Man ‘Desecrating’ Altar During Mass – Catholic Herald
Founder of a Prominent Protestant Movement Returns to Catholic Church in India – The CWR
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The Two Popes: Baloney, Brilliantly Acted – George Weigel at The Catholic World Report

Sex, Celibacy, & the Latest Curiosity from Rome – Francis X. Maier at First Things
Summary of Facts about the Controversial New Book by Both Cardinal Sarah & B16 – Fr. Z’s Blog
Wave of Female Monastery Closures Hits Italy – Solène Tadié at National Catholic Register
How the Legion of Mary Taught Me to be Catholic – Laura DeMaria at Catholic Stand
To Save the World, We Have to Save the Liturgy, Wherein Fr. Z Rants – Fr. Z’s Blog
New Ebook: Mysteries–Quantum & Theological – Rob. Kurland, Ph.D., at The American Catholic
Analysis: After Investigation, When Will Pp. Francis Act on Bishop Hoeppner? – The CWR
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Venice Patriarch Criticizes HBO’s New Pope Over Offensive Nuns in Nighties – E. Harris at Crux
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Commentary on Pope’s Amazon Synod Document – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity
Scotland’s Bishop Robson Responds to Allegation of Plagiarism – The Catholic World Report
There’s Nothing ‘Compassionate’ About Open Borders – Ch. Williamson, Jr., at Crisis Magazine
Card. Hummes: Pope’s Pan-Amazon Apostolic Exhortation to Be Published Soon – Edward Pentin
Massachusetts Judge Rejects Right to Physician-Assisted Suicide – Cath. News Service via Crux

What Role Can the Church Play in Mediating between U.S. & Iran? – Brian Fraga at Our Sndy Vstr

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Quick Link(s):
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San Francisco’s Mercy High School to Close – California Catholic Daily
Christians Persecuted in Nigeria Amid Deafening Silence – Linda Bordoni at Vatican News

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