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I’m So Tired of Being Bullied by Radicals, It’s High Time We Man-Up! – Fr. Richard Heilman
Why I Am No Longer a Catholic Feminist – Melody Lyons at The Essential Mother Blog

A Snippet from the New Benedict/Sarah Book – Fr. Z’s Blog
Doctors Euthanized 38 Yr-Old Lady Dealing With Depression Instead of Treating Her – Life News
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Cardinal Burke on Denying Communion to Joe Biden: More Priests Should Do This! – Life News
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New Ebook: Mysteries–Quantum & Theological – Rob. Kurland, Ph.D., at The American Catholic
On the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, Tradition Crushes Rupture – Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D.
In Secularized Culture, Bishops Must Give Bold Witness, Archbishop Says – Our Sunday Visitor
French Architect: Notre-Dame’s Roof Should Be Rebuilt Out of Wood – CNA via NC Register
Catholics Excluded from Unlawful Euthanasia Trial in Belgium – The Catholic World Report

Cardinal Pell Transferred to New Maximum-Security Barwon Prison – CNA via Catholic Herald
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4 Seminarians Kidnapped by Armed Bandits After Nigerian Seminary Break-In – Catholic Herald
Protect the Unborn: Where to Witness to Life Around America – Jos. Pronechen at NC Register
Seven Antiphons for the Octave of the Epiphany – Notkerus Balbulus at Canticum Salomonis

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