Bishops Narrowly Approve USCCB Rate Hike On Donations from Laity for 2021 – NC Register
Hollywood Invoking  Satan To Gain Power: I Will Fight This. . . – Fr. Richard Heilman
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
The Insanity Of Transgenderism – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
CBS Fake News Since 1973: Walter Cronkite Misled About Roe v. Wade – D. Andrusko at Life News
Divine Mercy Image vs. Shroud of Turin: Are They Identical? Intriguing Evidence – ChurchPOP
Chick-fil-A’s Betrayal Cannot be Swept Under the Rug – Paul Brownback at The Stream
The Great Progressive Propaganda Machine, Totalitarian Agendas, Incrementalism. . . – Fr. Z Rants
Abbreviated Breviary? Pondering Omissions from the Current Breviary – Msgr. Charles Pope
On Funding (Or Dissolving) Episcopal Conferences – Jeffrey A. Mirus, Ph.D., at Catholic Culture
B16 Defends Priestly Celibacy In New Book With Cardinal Sarah – Edward Pentin at NC Register
Ask Father: Why Can’t I Confess My Sins to God & Not the Priest? – Fr. Z’s Blog
How To Fight Against Homelessness – Leslie Rodrigues at Catholic Link
4 Phases of Deliverance, According to an Exorcist – P.M. Armstrong at National Catholic Register
New Ebook: Mysteries–Quantum & Theological – Robert Kurland, Ph.D., at The American Catholic
On the Arian Heresy – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity
Three 30-Minute Ideas to Jumpstart Your 2020 Closet (Catholic Fashion Blog) – Meghan Ashley. . .
The Unknown Story of St. Peter’s Golden Sphere – Solène Tadié at National Catholic Register
New Year, New Decade: Top 3 Fundraising Tips for Catholics – Brice Sokolowski at Cath. Fundraiser
Radical Feminist Group Takes Credit for Church Attacks in Germany – CNA via NC Register
Christian Democracy & the Future of Europe – Joseph Pearce at The Imaginative Conservative
Latin America’s Lost Decade – Fr. Raymond J. de Souza at National Catholic Register
Nonprofit Groups Destined To Command Big Chunk Religion News? – Richard Ostling at Get Rlgn
Nebraska Governor Declares Roe v. Wade Anniversary a Day of Prayer – CNA via NC Register
Why I Love Resolutions – Diana Von Glahn at Catholic Spiritual Direction
Africa’s Young Christian Communities Are Now in Islamist Crosshairs – Nina Shea at NC Register
Quiet Learning Takes Place in Catholic School’s Sign Language Class – Peter Finney, Jr., Crux

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