Secular News: Wednesday Edition

Against The Smart Home – Matthew Walther at The Week
“La Cina è vicina”: Chinese Police Roaming the Streets of Italy – Marco Respinti at Bitter Winter
Please Won’t Someone Think Of The Gender-Fluid Sportspeople – Karalee Katsambanis at Spectator|Australia
How Trump Survives – Ross Douthat at The New York Times
Ruthless Quotas At Amazon Are Maiming Employees – Will Evans at The Atlantic
Why Men Need To Start Being Men Again – Caleb Stephen at Spectator|Australia
Eliminating Christianity Through “Sinicization” – Wang Yichi at Bitter Winter
Kim’s Worst Nightmare: Inside America’s “OPLAN 5015” Against North Korea – Michael Peck at The National Interest
Hong Kongers Break Beijing’s Delusions Of Victory – James Palmer at Foreign Policy
Woke Capitalism Is a Sign of Things to Come – Matthew Continetti at Law & Liberty
Ever Wonder Where World War III Will Start? Check India & Pakistan – Kyle Mizokami at The National Interest
Swing State Dem Flips On Impeachment – Mairead McArdle at National Review
Venice Needs Venexit – Manfred Manera at Spectator|USA
The Armenia Genocide Today – Mark Movsesian at First Things
Care About China’s Uighur’s? You Must Be A White Racist Cultural Imperialist – A. Chrenkoff at Spectator|Australia
Where Self-Interest Ends & Social Responsibility Begins – Mark Hemingway at Law & Liberty
Lebanon’s Leap Into The Unknown – Faysal Itani at Middle East Institute
State of Emergency: Why Chile Is Facing a Crisis – Alexis Javier Apablaza Campos at The National Interest
Trump & Netanyahu Will Win Again – Dominic Green at Spectator|USA
Washington Post Whitewashes British Labour Party’s Anti-Semitism – Adam Kredo at The Washington Free Beacon
Jeremy Corbyn Flounders On Anti-Semitism, Brexit, Tax, & Spending – Isabel Hardman at The Spectator
Spare A Thought For China’s Muslim Uyghurs – Samuel Gregg, D.Phil., at Acton Institute Powerblog
White House Continues To Support The Iranian Anti-Regime Protesters – A. Kredo at The Washington Free Beacon
Controlled Choice Isn’t School Choice – Kerry McDonald at Foundation for Economic Education

CNN’s Ana Navarro Can’t Believe Polls Show 34% Of Blacks Approve Trump – Th. Lifson at The American Thinker

Quick Links:
Dems Think Impeachment A Loser Politically – Elizabeth Matamoros at The Washington Free Beacon
Change of Generations, Leaders of Former Soviet Republics Have Less in Common with Russia – Window on Eurasia

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