Secular News: Tuesday Edition

Chick-Fil-A’s Doublespeak: Switching Support From Christian To LGBT Charities – Robert Gagnon at The Federalist
A Soviet Dissident Shatters Western Illusions – Robert R. Reilly at Mercatornet
Twitter Suspends Andy Ngo For Reporting Facts About Trans Murders – Chrissy Clark at The Federalist
Iceland’s Melting Glaciers Are Nothing To Panic About – David Gunnlaugsson at The Spectator
What Kids In Portland Public Schools Learn About Thanksgiving: ‘War Crimes’ & Racism – Ma. Grabar at The Federalist
Charles Schwab To Move California HQ To Texas – Domingo Rodriguez, Jr., at Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Blockbusters Buried In The IG Report On FBI Misuse Of Confidential Sources – Margot Cleveland at The Federalist
The Antifederalists Were Eerily Prophetic – Gary M. Galles at Foundation for Economic Education
Exposed: Communist China’s Op Manuals For Mass Internment & Arrest By Algorithm – B. Allen-Ebrahimian at ICIJ
Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Elective Late-Term Abortion – Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review
Trump’s Progressive Allies – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Proves Trump Right On Vaping – John Tierney at City Journal
China’s Anti-Christian Student League Of 1922: Preparing The Persecution – Massimo Introvigne at Bitter Winter
If You Think Health Care Is Expensive Now, Just Wait Until It’s ‘Free’ – Christopher Jacobs at The Federalist
Australia: Water Crisis? What Water Crisis? – Charles Essery at Spectator|Australia
Bloomberg News Tells Reporters Not to Investigate 2020 Democrats – Alex Griswold at The Washington Free Beacon

The Three “I”s Of Gasoline Subsidies & Social Unrest In Iran – Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou at Middle East Institute
The Left’s ‘Tyranny Of Tolerance’ Means Australia Need Religious Freedom Laws – Peter Kurti at Spectator|Australia
How Communist China Influences Media In Central & Eastern Europe – Ivana Karásková at The Diplomat
Are ‘Designer Babies’ Possible? Researchers Say No – Michael Cook at Mercatornet
Hong Kong Demands Freedom In Landslide Election – Rev. Ben Johnson at Transatlantic Blog
Black Voters Take Issue With Elizabeth Warren’s Plan To Eradicate Charter Schools – Chrissy Clark at The Federalist
Why a Wealth Tax Can’t Solve Our Problems – Mitchell Nemeth at Foundation for Economic Education

Espionage, Communist Chinese Style – Robin Burk at American Greatness

Quick Links:
Attempt to Shame Trump Supporter on Daily Show Panel Completely Backfires – Leah Barkoukis at Townhall
U.S. Navy Chief Fired Over Handling of SEAL Saga Involving Trump – Ph. Stewart at Reuters/Washington Free Beacon
Moscow Intensifies Efforts to Russianize Non-Russians & Destroy Republics, Experts Say – Window on Eurasia

Dead During Communist China Detention: Families Suspect Foul Play – Wang Anyang at Bitter Winter

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