Secular News: Weekend Edition

Education Is Not About Your ‘Lived Reality’ – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at American Greatness
The Rise Of ‘Woke’ Culture: Lessons On The Power Of Institutions – Jos. Sunde at Acton Institute Powerblog
When The Villain Is Obama, Not Trump, News Suddenly Becomes Not Worth Reporting – K. Smith at NY Post
“OK Boomer” Is the First Salvo of a Larger Generational Showdown – J. Miltimore at Foundation for Econ. Educ.
Elizabeth Warren Confronted by School Choice Activist For Sending Son To Private School – Wash. Free Beacon
Fact Check: 5 Facts About The Fifth Democratic Debate Of 2019 – Rev. B. Johnson at Acton Inst. Powerblog
Missouri Senator Josh Hawley’s Striking Critique of American Life – Michael B. Dougherty at National Review
Can We Learn Something from Race-Baiter Nick Fuentes? – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
Suddenly, Iran Is Aflame With Protest – Editorial Board at New York Post
Wikipedia’s Anti-Israel Editors Unmasked – Adam Kredo at The Washington Free Beacon
The Secular Religion Of Socialism – George Luke at Intellectual Takeout
Why We Play: Football Coaches & the Making of Boys Into Men – David Deavel at The Imaginative Conservative
On 77th Birthday, Grandpa Joe Biden Welcomes 6th Grandchild – Brent Scher at The Washington Free Beacon
Trump Must Understand a War With Iran Would Be Hell – Doug Bandow at The National Interest
What Drives Woke Capitalism? – Ben Sixsmith at Spectator|USA
Over 1,000 Church of Almighty God Members Arrested in Shandong, China – Zhang Wenshu at Bitter Winter
Women Are The Losers In Labour’s Trans Equality Fight – Julie Bindel at The Spectator

Chick-Fil-A Should Take A Lesson f/Salvation Army & Stop Bowing To The LGBT – Ch. F. Greene at The Federalist
Rubio Is Channeling Wilhelm Röpke, Not Elizabeth Warren – James R. Rogers, Ph.D., at Law & Liberty
Will There Be An Arab Spring 2.0? – Paul R. Pillar at The National Interest
An Unfair Accusation Of Partisanship Against The Roberts Court – John O. McGinnis, Ph.D., at Law & Liberty

30 Years After Fall of Berlin Wall, Misconceptions Still Drive Socialism – Foundation for Economic Education
U.S. Deploys Additional Troops to Middle East to Counter Iran – Adam Kredo at The Washington Free Beacon

Pro-Democracy Protests in Iran Need International Support – Ken Blackwell at The Stream

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