Secular News: Wednesday Edition

Why Chick-Fil-A’s Surrender Matters – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
One Year After Sex Change, This Teen Regrets His ‘Frankenstein Hack Job’ – Walt Heyer at The Stream
With Vindman In The Spotlight, The Democrats’ Impeachment Theater Loses The Plot – Matthew Walther
What Seventy Years Have Wrought Upon London – Theodore Dalrymple at City Journal
E.U. Slaps New Kind Of Yellow Star On Jewish-Made Products – M. Langsam-Braunstein at The Federalist
Feminist Reboot of “Charlie’s Angels” Flops, Pro-Abort Elizabeth Banks Gripes About Sexist Men – Life News
Does The Left Hate America? – Dennis Prager at The Stream
Rising California Gasoline Prices Highlight Growing Divide In US – A. Ramkumar at The WSJ via MSN Money
Against the “Feminine Essence” – Jane Robbins, J.D., at Public Discourse
As U.S. Dems Push Single-Payer, England’s Is Killing Cancer Patients – Deane Waldman at The Federalist
Welcome to the People’s Democratic Republic of Canada – Donald DeMarco at Crisis Magazine
Americans Need To Stop Funding The Chinese Gulag – Ben Weingarten at The Federalist
Hundreds of UK Women Having 6 or More Abortions, Teens Having 5 Abortions – SPUC via Life News
A Drug Cartel Just Defeated The Mexican Military In Battle – John Daniel Davidson at the Federalist
Franklin Graham Speaks Out On Impeachment: ‘It Makes Me Sick To My Stomach. . . Pray’ – The Stream
“The Xinjiang Papers”: Either Turning Or Returning Point – Marco Respinti at Bitter Winter
On Misreading Marx – Maxwell Bindernagel at The Imaginative Conservative
Abortion Leading Cause of Death Worldwide Last 100 Years, Killing 1 Billion People – M. Bilger at Life News
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Trans Public Schools Harder Than Obama Did – Joy Pullmann at The Federalist
African Pro-Life Nations Reject UN’s Abortion & Population Control On Them – Grace Melton at Life News

Undercover Pro-Lifers Punished for Exposing Planned Parenthood – A. DeSanctis at National Review
Is Democracy Moral? – Zbigniew Stawrowski at Church Life Journal

Elizabeth Warren Claims She’s A Christian, But Supports Abortions Up To Birth – M. Bilger at Life News
Hit Turkey Where It Hurts — Help Armenia – Robert Nicholson at Providence

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