Secular News: Tuesday Edition

Creepy New Sprite Commercial Sells Transgenderism & Breast Binding, Not Soda – Megan Fox at PJ Media
Chick-Fil-A Surrenders To LGBT Bullies – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Forget Glock: The Baker Rifle Is The Most Important Gun Of The Last 200 Years – P. Huard at The National Interest
Boomers Partied — Gen-Xers Got The Hangover – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
The Electric Car Fantasy – Mark P. Mills at City Journal
Concerned Parents — Or Crypto-Kluckers? – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
What’s Behind The Nursing Home Disaster In Australia? – Michael Cook at Mercatornet
Chick-Fil-A Caves After Sustained LGBTQ Hate Campaign, Abandons Christian Charities – Megan Fox at PJ Media
Why It Would Be Hard to Stop World War III Once It Starts – Robert Farley at National Interest
Investigation Finds Google Censors Pro-Life Conservative Web Sites, Puts Them on a “Blacklist” – C. Weaver at Life News
How To Turn Communist China’s A2/AD Strategy Back on Them – James Holmes at The National Interest

Singapore’s Shifting Ethnic Balance – William Huang at Mercatornet
The One Way Iran Could Start A War With America – Sidharth Kaushal at National Interest
The Return of Multigenerational Housing – John Ketchum at City Journal

Democrats Oust Pro-Life Politicians at Their Peril – Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review
Why Pete Buttigieg’s ‘Medicare For All Who Want It’ Is A Sham – Christopher Jacobs at The Federalist

More Crimeas Possible, CIS Institute’s Goydenko Suggests – Window on Eurasia
The Long Death Of South Africa’s Political Center – Andrew Kenny at Spectator|USA
Russia’s Risky Game Plan for Syria – Colin P. Clarke & William Courtney at National Interest
Restoration Versus Rupture: How Did the Founders Understand History? – Lynn Uzzell, Ph.D., at Law & Liberty
Report: Communist China Wants the World’s Best Military By 2049 – Dave Axe at National Interest
To Play Big, Europe Needs To Get Bigger – Dmytro Kuleba at EU Observer

How Iran Turned Its Neighbor Iraq Into A Persian Proxy – Eliora Katz at The National Interest
NCAA Starts Process to Allow Athletes to Profit From Their Names & Likeness – Alex Chediak at The Stream

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