Secular News: Friday Edition

The Ongoing Decline of The New York Times – John O. McGinnis, J.D., at Law & Liberty
San Francisco Gets The Leader It Deserves – Andrew Stiles at The Washington Free Beacon
10 Books Every Conservative Should Read To Combat Leftist Misinformation – Michael Malice at The Federalist
Exit Stage Right: America’s Internal Mass Migration – Mark Pulliam at Law & Liberty
The End of the Electoral College Is Closer Than You Think – George Luke at Intellectual Takeout
How Did Nazi Germany Crush France During World War II So Easily? – Daniel L. Davis at National Interest
Hillary Clinton Is Right To Question Transgender Orthodoxy – James Kirkup at Spectator|USA
Seattle’s Course: Harder Left – Christopher F. Rufo at City Journal
Failed Leaders – R.R. Reno at First Things
The Emptying East Of Europe – Marcus Roberts at Mercatornet
Is Marco Rubio Endorsing a ‘Third Way’ Between Capitalism & Socialism? – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
How Do You Make The Most ‘Quintessentially English’ Magazine Work In The US? – Freddy Gray at Spectator|USA
‘Woke’ Fan Organizations Use Professional Soccer to Impose ‘Anti-Fascist’ Ideology – Joseph D’Hippolito at The Stream
The Dark History of Swedish Socialism (Video) – Taleed Brown at American Institute for Economic Research

One Trade School’s Path to Success – Kay S. Horowitz & Brian C. Anderson at City Journal
What Would Happen If Russia & NATO Went To War? – Kris Osborn at National Interest
America’s Consumer Paradise Means Hell On Earth For Chinese Muslims – Matthew Walther at The Week
A Dangerous Escalation in the Hong Kong Protests – Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review
Spain’s Socialists Will Do Whatever It Takes To Stay In Power, Even Exhuming Franco – Itxu Díaz at The Federalist
Transatlantic Alliance Mistake: Turkey Isn’t Worthy of NATO Membership – Doug Bandow at The National Interest
Research Found 98% Of US Latinos Prefer To Describe Themselves Other Than “Latinx” – A. DeSanctis at National Review
The Unfortunate Lessons of Venezuela’s Central Planning – James M. Roberts at National Interest
Bernie Sanders & Dreams of an American Sweden – Chuck Chalberg at The Imaginative Conservative

Turkey Is In NATO, But It Is No U.S. Ally – Michael Rubin at National Interest

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