Prime Time Politics & Culture: Thursday Edition

Amazon Deletes New Releases By Two Christian Authors, Locks Publisher’s Accounts – Megan Fox at PJ Media
Think Republicans Will Lose The House, Senate, & Presidency In 2020? – Roger Kimball at Spectator|USA
Poll: Tulsi Gabbard Leads Kamala Harris in Democratic Primary – Alexandra DeSanctis at National Review
Elizabeth Warren Pledges To Crack Down On School Choice, Sends Son To Private School – P. Hasson at The Stream
Why Are Young People So Left-Wing? – Toby Young at Spectator|USA
It’s Not Climate Change To Blame For California’s Fires & Blackouts, It’s Democrats – Ch. DeVore at The Federalist
What Did Western Civilization Ever Do for Us? A Qualified Defense of the West – Daniel Strand at Providence
Santiago, Chile, Under Siege – Andrés Velasco at Project Syndicate
Those Who Desecrate Franco’s Tomb Only Justify His Cause – Charles Coulombe at Crisis Magazine
The Democrats’ Impeachment Process Has A Credibility Problem – Edward Morrissey at The Week
North Korea Could Be The Spark That Sets The World On Fire – Kyle Mizokami at National Interest
Rep. Ilhan Omar Refuses To Vote For Bill Recognizing Armenian Genocide – E. Davidson at The Federalist
Netflix Promotes Alyssa Milano’s Pro-Abortion Agenda – Dawn Slusher at Life News
Founding Deists & Other Unicorns – James Bruce at Law & Liberty
A Government Program Worth Celebrating – Peter Cove at City Journal
US House Votes to Recognize Armenian Genocide – Matt Hadro at CNA via National Catholic Register

Kamala Harris Laying Off Staff In Latest Campaign Shake-Up – Brent Scher at The Washington Free Beacon
Nonpartisan Report: Medicare For All Would More Than Double Taxes & Bankrupt US – Ch. Jacobs at The Federalist
It’s Time To Get U.S. Nukes Out Of Turkey – Steven Pifer at National Interest

Turkey’s Syria Offensive: A Christian Perspective – Solène Tadié at National Catholic Register

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