Prime Time Politics & Culture: Monday Edition

The West Is Living Through The Hangover From The Sexual Revolution – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
Normalizing Polyamory – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
We’ve Seen The ‘New Masculinity’ Before – Tim Stanley at Catholic Herald

The Washington Post: Austrian Painter Commits Suicide – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
GQ Emasculates Itself – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Peak. . .Peaking. . .Peaked Trans? – Amy Welborn at Charlotte Was Both

American Muslims Challenge Transgenderism—& Each Other – Jennifer S. Bryson, Ph.D., at Public Discourse
A Detransitioner Jumps Off The Trans Train – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Washington Post Writes Glowing Obituary For World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist – Tristan Justice at the Federalist
With The Left, There Is Always A Farther – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative

Prayer Request For Instapundit Glenn Reynolds – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Don’t Be Such A Chicken About Chick-fil-A – Douglas Murray at Spectator|USA
Project Veritas Releases Two More Videos Exposing CNN’s Bias – Rachel Alexander at The Stream
Belgian Paralympian Marieke Vervoort Euthanized, Death Shows Right To Die Becomes Duty To Die – Life News
The Non-Binary Gender ‘They’ — & Why It Matters – Rita Dunaway at The Stream
Climate Stalinism – Joel Kotkin at City Journal
Did Trump Trade The Kurds For The ISIS Leader’s Head? – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
Dispute Over Texas 7-Year-Old May Prove A Legal Setback For Transgender Movement – R. Hutchinson at Mercatornet
Biological Male Wins Women’s Cycling World Championship – Peter Hasson at The Stream
8,000 Patients Have Been Killed Since Canada Legalized Euthanasia, A Judge Just Made It Easier – M. Cook at Life News
Secularists Shadowboxing Their Way To ‘Victories’ Against Religious Freedom – Tom Gilson at The Stream
New Study: Adult Stem Cells Reverse Progressive Disease Similar To Multiple Sclerosis – Katey Price, J.D., at Life News
Canada’s Euthanasia Philosophy: ‘Control, Choice, & Change’ – Margaret Somerville at Mercatornet

Every Word Of Support To Hong Kong Silenced In Communist China – Tang Feng at Bitter Winter
There’s A Lesson In Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Cowardly Silence On Communist China – Emily Jashinsky at the Federalist

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