The Game Has Changed — & So Must We – Shane Schaetzel at Complete Christianity
SSPX: Back to the Bad Old Days? – Michael Warren Davis at Crisis Magazine
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Rare & Shocking Facts From The Assassination Attempt On John Paul II – Shaun McAfee, O.P., at NC Register
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Thomas à Kempis Teaches How To Raise Funds – Brice Sokolowski at
The Painting Of Our Lady That Was Stolen By The Nazis – Francis Phillips at Catholic Herald
Marriage & The Age Of Apostasy – Rob Marco at Catholic Stand
As A Priest, I’m Tempted To Dress Down, But A Cassock Expresses An Eternal Truth – Fr. M. Rennier at Catholic Herald
Jeans: A Big Game-Changing Moment (Fashion For Catholics) – Meghan Ashley Styling
Who or What Is the Antichrist? A Reflection on the Biblical Teaching – Msgr. Charles Pope at Community in Mission
Road Built By Pontius Pilate Uncovered In Jerusalem – Andrew Lawler at National Geographic
Political Maneuvering at Pan-Amazon Synod? Vatican Official Says No – Edward Pentin at NC Register
Asia’s Largest Catholic News Apostolate In Asia Divided, Readers Baffled – Jose Kavi at Matters India
The Ideological Hijacking Of Pope St. John XXIII – George Weigel at The Catholic World Report
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The Many Meanings Of Salt In The Bible – Daniel Esparza at Aleteia
Cardinal Koch: The Gospel Must Incorporate & Purify Culture – Hannah Brockhaus at CNA via NC Register
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Words, Hymns, & Moderation: Newman & The Genius Of English Catholicism – Fr. R.J. de Souza at Catholic Herald

Is God The Author Of Evil? – Trent Horn at Catholic Answers Magazine
Pride & Poverty: The 30th Sunday Of Ordinary Time Readings Explained – John Bergsma, Ph.D., at The Sacred Page
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Reality vs. Illusion – Oswald Sobrino at Catholic Exchange
Catholic Kenesiology – How We Can Evangelize Through Sports Psychology – D. Clayton at New Liturgical Movement

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