Satan’s Self-Destruction, My Take On What Is Happening In Our Times – Fr. Richard Heilman at Roman Cthlc Man
“Facing The Final Confrontation” – Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap.
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Peter Kreeft Answers 8 Fascinating Questions & 92 Others! – Laura Hensley at epicPew
Etiquette At Mass: Reasonable Do’s & Don’ts For Polite & Proper Worship – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Cthlc Faith
How an Amazon Pagan Rite Brought 48 Years of Demonic Torment, Until Christ Freed Me – E.  Pentin at NC Reg
Amazon Synod: Don’t Impose Old Agendas on the New World – The Editors at National Catholic Register
Predictions: An ‘Amazonian Rite‘ Created & Women Allowed To Be Instituted Lectors & Acolytes – Rocco Palmo
Jeans: A Big Game-Changing Moment (Fashion For Catholics) – Meghan Ashley Styling
How To Balance A Vow of Poverty & Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski at
An Early Rosary Variant From Trier – Tom B. at tom’s digest
Caring for Liturgical Linens – Fr. B. Jerabek, J.C.L.
Cultivating Virtue Through Sports – Patti Maguire Armstrong at Our Sunday Visitor

The Real Reason Families Should Eat Dinner Together – Jenna Kandas at epicPew
Pro-Life Organizations That Go Above & Beyond – Leslie Rodriguez at Catholic Link
Exploring The History Of The Baltimore Catechism – Bill Dodds at Our Sunday Visitor
Ford Foundation Funding for Key Synod Participants Discussed Again Today – Edward Pentin at NC Register
The Orthodox Church In Greece Will Recognize The Autocephalous Orthodox Church Of Ukraine – Il Sismografo
The Church Is Not a Democracy – Chilton Williamson, Jr., at Crisis Magazine
Early Amazon Synod Returns: Priesthood, Evangelization & Ecology Discussed – Edward Pentin at NC Register
A Nation That Can’t Forgive Is Doomed – Casey Chalk at Crisis Magazine

Ostriches Have A Special Place In African Christian Monastic Symbolism – Daniel Esparza at Aleteia
Amazon Synod Discussion Groups Support Married Priests, Female Deacons – C. Mares at CNA via NC Register

French Bishops Plan To Open Plenary Meetings To Lay Participation – Jonathan Luxmoore at CNS via Crux
Religion, Keeping Up With The Times: The Morphing Of St. Appolonia – Daniel Demers at Catholic Stand

Week 2 Of Synod Ends With Buzz Words, Rehashed Goals, Talk Of “Conversion” – Mary Jo Anderson at The CWR

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