Civ Watch: Tuesday Edition

Another Extinction Event For Western Christendom: The Rise Of Environmentalism – David Warren at Essays in Idleness
Using The Oxford Comma Is A Sign Of Grace & Clarity – Kylee Zempel at The Federalist
The Sons of Sobieski Reclaim Their Catholic Identity – Charles Coulombe at Crisis Magazine
Trump’s Abandonment Of Syrian Christians & U.S. Allies Could Doom Him – John Zmirak, Ph.D., at The Stream
Why Western Elites Should Stop Lecturing Hungary – Sohrab Ahmari at New York Post

Debating the Future of the European Union – Riccardo Gotti Tedeschi at The European Conservative
Please America, Take Meghan Markle Back – Rod Liddle at Spectator USA
Animated History of Japan – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
Chinese Communist Party’s Plans To Install A False Dalai Lama Exposed – Massimo Introvigne at Bitter Winter

Kurdish Officials Had No Advance Notice of Trump’s Syria Announcement – Matthew Peti at National Interest
We Don’t Have Good Options With Turkey & Iran—We’ll Have To Work Hard To Get Them – David P. Goldman is Spengler at PJ Media
Not So Fast: Will Uzbekistan Join The Eurasian Economic Union? – Umida Hashimova at Crossroads Asia

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