Civ Watch: Monday Edition

Labour Votes To Dissolve Britain – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Why Stalin Didn’t Annex Finland During WWII – Boris Egorov at Russian Beyond
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Classical Music But Were Afraid To Ask – Alan Rusbridger at The Spectator
What the Hapsburg Empire Got Right – Paul Miller-Melamed, Ph.D., & Claire Morelon, Ph.D., at The New York Times
Why Knowing Roman History Is Key To Preserving America’s Future – Steele Brand at The Washington Post via The Hour
The Curious Remainer Coup – Michael Brendan Dougherty at National Review
Why India Is The United States’ Best Bet For Balancing Communist China – Sumantra Maitra at The Federalist
Is England Still Part of Europe? – Victor Davis Hanson, Ph.D., at RealClearPolitics
The Judicial Usurpation Of Parliament – Peter Hitchens at First Things
The Coming Crisis of China’s One-Party Regime – Minxin Pei at Project Syndicate
Britain’s Constitutional Crisis – Paul Yowell at First Things
Britain & The United States – George Friedman at Geopolitical Futures
Time Bomb: How the Growing Hong Kong-Taiwan Axis is Riling Beijing – Ted Galen Carpenter at The American Conservative
America’s China Experts Ignore The Chinese Communist Party – James Durso at The Hill

A Historical Perspective on China’s Southward Advance – Philip Bowring at The Strategist
The European Union Condemns Nazism & Communism As Parallel Evils: But What About Communist China? – Marco Respinti

Democracy For Hong Kong & Taiwan – Humphrey Hawksley at YaleGlobal Online

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