Hospital Kills Wrong Baby in Abortion, Woman Horrified to Discover Her Baby is Dead – CNA via The Catholic World Report
Masonic Evil In Grandfather Invites Demons To Faithful Catholic Manhattan Power Couple – Rod Dreher at The American. . .
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Dialogue Between Archbishop Chaput & Fr. Martin Shows Civility In The Church Is Possible – Editorial Board at Our Sunday Visitor
Ask Father: Can Masonic Evil, Curses, & Diabolical Attachments Be Handed From One Generation To The Next?”. . . – Fr. Z’s Blog
A Look At The Brebeuf Appeal – Edward Peters, J.D., J.C.D., at In the Light of the Law
Saint Bellarmine, Wealthy Donors, and Stewardship – Brice Sokolowski at CatholicFundraiser.net
10 Facts About Homelessness In America – Rev. Ben Johnson at Acton Institute Powerblog
Demons & The Porosity Of Consciousness – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
How Will We Live in the Time of the Transgendered? – Hadley Arkes, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing
All About Balance: A Little Pop vs Over the Top – Meghan Ashley Styling
Why I Call Myself a “Traditional Catholic” – Eric Sammons at Swimming Upstream
‘Take The Pope Very Seriously!’ Cardinal Woelki Tells German Bishops – Catholic News Agency via Catholic Herald
Cardinal Burke on the Synod’s Instrumentum Laboris, Proselytizing, Accusations – Fr. Z’s Blog
Three Mothers Encounter the Blessed Mother as Our Lady of Walsingham – K.V. Turley at National Catholic Register
On Being a Good Pastor – Fr. John Catoir at Catholic Stand
Cardinal Burke, Bishop Schneider: Criticism of Errors is Fidelity to the Pope – Edward Pentin at National Catholic Register
Sexual Ethics, Human Nature, & New Natural Law Theory – Melissa Moschella, Ph.D., at Public Discourse
Does It Even Matter How We Treat Others? The 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time Readings Explained – John Bergsma, Ph.D.

How to Build a Marriage During Engagement – Becca Arend at Blessed Is She
Vatican Office Temporarily Suspends Sanctions Against Brebeuf Jesuit High School – Carl Bunderson at CNA via NC Register
Islamist Extremists Are Exterminating Christians In Northern Burkina Faso – Maria Lozano at Aleteia
Study: 6% Of US Seminarians Have Experienced Sexual Harassment, Abuse Or Misconduct – CNA via National Catholic Register
Let Amazon Learn From Ancient China, Where the Church Flourished With Very Few Missionaries & Kept Celibacy – Sandro Magister
Chinese Churches Made To Replace Ten Commandments With Xi Jinping Quotes – Catholic News Agency via Catholic Herald

Catholic Schools a Lifeline for Families – Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Stream
Privacy & Facial Recognition Software: Moral Analysis – Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, L.C., at Through Catholic Lenses

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