How Did Jesus View Active Homosexuality? – Dave Armstrong at National Catholic Register
A Terrible Warning From Our Lady Of Akita – Carlos Caso-Rosendi
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Of Slobs & Lack Of Modesty During Mass – Chilton Williamson, Jr., at Crisis Magazine
Catholic Church In Spain Warns Against Mindfulness – Jonathan Luxmoore at The Tablet
FDA: Thousands of Deaths Associated With Drugs Given to ‘Trans’ Children – Celeste McGovern at NC Register
Saint John Paul II Gives 3 Fundraising Tips For Catholics – Brice Sokolowski at

Encouraging Signs Abound In The Ordinariate In Australia – Andrew Rabel at The Catholic Weekly
Deception, Division, Distraction – Fr. Joseph Gill at Ignitum Today
Analysis: Cardinal Marx’s Next Step On The German Synodal Path – CNA via The Catholic World Report
Differences Between Catholic & Protestant Approaches to the Bible – Steve Ray at Defender of the Catholic Faith
Purgatory? Doesn’t that Deny the Work of Christ? – Steve Ray at Defenders of the Catholic Faith
The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse, Attack On Religious Liberty – Ed Whelan at National Review
Sin Voting: Reasons & Intrinsic Evils – Guy McClung, Ph.D., J.D., at Catholic Stand

St. Thomas Aquinas Teaches Us How to Be Happy – Caleb Whitmer at Catholic Exchange
Romance & The Romantically-Challenged – Anthony S. Layne at Catholic Stand
Does “Conversion Therapy” Hurt People Who Identify as Transgender? JAMA Study – Mark Regnerus, Ph.D.

How to Live the Church Feasts in Your Home – Masha Goepel at Catholic Stand
Suffering: Mess or Masterpiece? – Vicki Burbach at Pelican’s Breast

Communist China Wants To Destroy A Popular Marian Shrine – Wang Zicheng at Asia News
The Long, Harrowing, Bloody History Of Persecution Of Christians – Robert R. Reilly at Mercatornet
Philosophy Professor: Live Action, Facebook Dispute Shows Definitions Matter – The Catholic World Report

Can We Be Both American & Catholic? – Ariel Hobbes at Clarifying Catholicism
Towards a Catholic Nationalism – Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine
Surrogacy, Love, & Flourishing – Adeline A. Allen, Ph.D., at Public Discourse

Communist China Tightens Restrictions on Religious Publications – Gu Qi at Bitter Winter

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