Civ Watch: Friday Edition

There Hasn’t Been A Boy Born In This Polish Town For A Decade – Shannon Roberts at Mercatornet
The Most Important Economic Chart In Western Civilization – Joe Carter at Acton Institute Powerblog
Rich, Powerful, Ageing, & Barren – Marcus Roberts at Mercatornet
Beijing Knows It Is Losing The Battle Of Ideas Over Hong Kong – Benedict Rogers at Catholic Herald
How Lithuania Conquered Half Of Russia – Boris Egorov at Russia Beyond
Hungary & The Future Of Europe – Christopher Caldwell at Claremont Review of Books
Bishop Warns Of The ‘Desolate Panorama’ Of Spain’s Birthrate – Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report
Will Mapping Ancient Rome Save Western Urbanism—& Civilization? – Theo Mackey Pollack at The American Conservative
Embarrassed By Our Nations – Joshua Mitchell at First Things
The History Behind One Of Only Three Perfect Gutenberg Bibles In The Library Of Congress – Billy Ryan at uCatholic
Nationalism, Conservatism, & The European Union – Ryszard Legutko at First Things
Chasing The Roots of the Venezuelan Collapse – Jorge Jraissati at Public Discourse

The Hope & Futility Of The Hong Kong Protest Movement – Matthew Walther at The Week
India Is Obsessed With Over-Population, It Should Learn From Communist China’s Mistakes – William Huang at Mercatornet
“Open Borders” & The Conservative Tradition (link fixed) – Eric Giunta at Laboravi Sustinens
Before America Makes Any Moves On Ukraine, It Needs A Strategy – Sumantra Maitra at The Federalist

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