Seven Bishops Reveal How They Increased Vocations – Jim Graves at Catholic Herald
“The Church Of Priests Is Coming To An End”, What’s Really Going On – Fr. Z’s Blog
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Respectfully Critiquing Pope Francis: Father Rutler’s Example – Roseanne T. Sullivan at Catholic Pundit Wannabe
Pope Francis Addresses Criticism of His Pontificate & Discusses ‘Schism’ – Edward Pentin at NC Register
Playing Church (The Seattle Suicide Of Catholic Gay Shaman Bob Fuller) – Fr. P. Mankowski, S.J., at First Things
Ryan T. Anderson Forgives Us & Is Ready For Us To Unblock Him – P.J. Smith at Semiduplex
Who is My Enemy? – Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine

Wyoming Catholic College Unites East & West in Faith – Sue Ellen Browder at National Catholic Register
On Cow Pies & The New ‘c’atholic Red Guards – Fr. Z’s Blog
Michael Sean’s Cabal Canard – One Mad Mom

Best Hymnal for the Liturgy of the Hours – Tom B. at tom’s digest
The Church & Socialism: The Fallacy that Will Not Go Away – Hadley Arkes, Ph.D., at The Catholic Thing
Has The German Church Forgotten Pope Francis’s Warnings? – Chad C. Pecknold, Ph.D., at Catholic Herald
Why the Church is Necessary for Salvation – J.P. Nunez at Catholic Stand
Communion Ablutions for the Laity – Archie McGregor at New Liturgical Movement
German Bishops Reject Plan Of Francis-Style Priority Of Evangelization For Synodal – E. Condon at Catholic Herald

Tolkien & Lewis: Masters of Myth & Tellers of Truth – Joseph Pearce at National Catholic Register
Don’t Be Afraid Of Thomism – Chad C. Pecknold, Ph.D., at Catholic Herald
The Ordinariate’s Divine Office & The Penitential Rite – Tom B. at tom’s digest
What Goes Into Choosing a College? – Paulina Hoeing at National Catholic Register
Prodigal Son Sunday: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Readings Explained – Jn. Bergsma, Ph.D., at The Sacred Page

How I Wrote A Symphony About The Holy Spirit – Sir James MacMillan at Catholic Herald
Between God & Caesar: The Christian Origins Of Religious Freedom – Andrew E. Harrod, Ph.D., J.D., at Mercatornet
Pope Francis’ In-Flight Press Conference: Full Text – Vatican News

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