Civilization Watch: Thursday Edition

15 Most Famous & Terrifying Russian Military Paintings – Boris Egorov at Russia Beyond
Africa’s Last Colony – David Keene at The American Spectator
The Miracle Of The Jews – Samuel Gregg, D.Phil., at Acton Commentary
Religion In Europe? It’s Complicated – Samuel Gregg, D.Phil., at Transatlantic Blog
Europe’s Open Southern Borders – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Why Many Communist Raised Chinese Students Can’t Understand The Hong Kong Protests – Y. Wang at LA Times
How America Can Support Self-Rule In Hong Kong Without Starting A War – H. Raleigh at The Federalist
Right From Wrong: A Guide To The New European Politics – Douglas Murray at The Spectator
New Resources To Understand ‘Nordic Socialism’ – Rev. Ben Johnson at Transatlantic Blog
American Catholics Must Stand With Hong Kong – Jane Clark Scharl at Crisis Magazine
Hong Kong & 1776 – Donald R. McClarey, J.D., at The American Catholic
The White Paper On Xinjiang: The ChiComs’s Latest White Lie – Ruth Ingram at Bitter Winter
‘Discredited Entities’: Communist China’s Social Credit Scores Block Travelers – Rod Dreher

Hong Kong’s 1960s Chaos Holds Lessons For City’s Besieged Leaders Now – Bloomberg via The Japan Times
Protest Riots In Indonesia’s West Papua Province – Robin Gomes at Vatican News

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