Civilization Watch: Tuesday Edition

Every Eye Should Turn to Hong Kong; PLA Troops Cross Into Hong Kong. . . – Michael Brendan Dougherty
The Fertility Trap – Brevin Anderson at First Things
Europe’s Fading Cosmopolitan Dream – Joel Kotkin at City Journal
‘Google Threatens The Future Of America’ – Dennis Prager at Mercatornet
The Anti-Christian Genocide the West Forgot – Sam Sweeney at The American Conservative
Socialism Didn’t Work In Sweden, & It Won’t Work In America – Susanna Hoffman at The Federalist
America’s Most Important Divide – Matthew Schmitz at Catholic Herald
The Demographic Story Of The 21st Century – Marcus Roberts at Mercatornet
Given Enough Time & Influence, Atheism Leads To Genocide – Fr. Dwight Longenecker at NC Register
The West Cannot Survive Without A Re-Energised Belief In Christianity – Greg Sheridan at The Spectator
Is Nationalism Consistent With the Catholic Faith? – V. Bradley Lewis at National Catholic Register
The Misery of Democratic Socialism – Ben R. Crenshaw at Public Discourse
Why China Is Feeling Internal Pressure To Keep Raising The Trade War Stakes – E. Lachica at The Federalist
Bretton Woods & Our Current Economic Distemper – Brian Domitrovic at Public Discourse
Faith, Religion, & Identity – Foxfier at The American Catholic

Immigration & the Desire for Rootedness – Luma Simms at Public Discourse

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