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10 Fun Things To Do During A Liberal Homily/Rant – David L. Gray at
At The Vatican, Two Mysteries—One Probably Easy To Resolve – Philip Lawler at Catholic Culture
Saving the New Mass? – Fr. Hugh Somerville-Knapman, O.S.B., Dominus Mihi Adjutor
Pope Benedict XVI, Hope, & How To Fundraise – Brice Sokolowski at
This Was Once Africa’s Largest Cathedral, But Its “Throne” Cannot Be Filled – Ray Kavanaugh at Aleteia

How We Perceive the Cross Depends on Our Level of Holiness – Leila Miller
Famous Priest Shoved Off Stage in Attack at Major Brazilian Event (Video Inside) – ChurchPOP
Good Video For People Who Aren’t Familiar With The TLM Or With Our Traditions – Fr. Z’s Blog
Putin’s Unlikely Friend, Pope Francis – Fr. Raymond J. de Souza at Catholic Herald
Prelatial Dress of the Religious Orders: The Franciscans – Shawn R. Tribe at Liturgical Arts Journal
How to “Dialogue” Truthfully on Gender Ideology – Daniel Guernsey, Ed.D., at Crisis Magazine
Incels: The Return Of The Foolish Virgin – Ann Farmer at Mercatornet
Catholic (FŒDVS) Blogger & Priest Arrested Inside Abortion Mill – Micaiah Bilger at Life News
Both The Right & The Left Do Not Like The Structure Of The Curial Reform – Sandro Magister at Settimo Cielo
Crusader Liturgy: The Feast of the Liberation of Jerusalem – Notkerus Balbulus at Canticum Salomonis
Pro-Life Teacher? Here’s an Alternative to the Pro-Abortion NEA – Brad Mattes at Life News
India Lifted 271 Million People Out Of Poverty In 10 Years: UN – The Hindu
Can Morality Be Grounded in Science? – Regis Nicoll at Crisis Magazine
Community as the Solution to Poverty – Andrew Spencer, Ph.D., at Institute for Faith, Work, and. . .
Vincent Lambert’s Parents Will Sue His Doctors for Starving Him to Death – Michael Cook at Life News

A Daily Journey with Saint Faustina – Off the Shelf 133 with Susan Tassone – Pete Socks at Catholic Stand
Teens Encounter Christ By Serving Homeless Persons In DC – CNA via The Catholic World Report

The New Evangelization is For Everyone – Richard Van Kirk at Catholic Stand
Jesus, Martha, & Mary (The Mass Readings Explained, Video) – Brant Pitre, Ph.D., at The Sacred Page

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