Faithful Resistance To The Pope – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Editor-In-Chief Damian Thompson of Catholic Herald Resigns – Debra Heine at PJ Media
U.S. Women’s Team Snub Of Christian Player Roils Soccer – Valerie Richardson at The Washington Times
CEO Robert Wargas of Catholic Herald Resigns – Twitter of Robert Wargas
Corruption In The Church: Bad News & Hopeful Possibilities – William Kilpatrick, Ph.D., at Crisis Magazine
Why Is Blocking Reviews Of No. 1 Best-Selling Book On Kavanaugh Hearings – The Federalist
Live Perpetual Adoration Of The Blessed Sacrament Via Adorecast – Team Catholify
Clericalism & The Disappearance Of Popular Devotions – Amy Welborn at The Catholic World Report
Sufficient Confession Times – Fr. B. Jerabek, J.C.L., at Dilexi decorem domus Domini
Pope Benedict XVI, Hope, & How To Fundraise – Brice Sokolowski at 6
Pope Francis & Teilhardian Evolution: Program for the Amazonian Synod – Rosary to the Interior
Defending Boyhood – A. O. C. at Cream City Catholic
Women Priests & Artificial Ecumenism – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
If You Want To Positively Influence Others, Follow The Wisdom Of St. Benedict – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
There’s A Manual For Women Seeking To Truly Live A Catholic Life – Kathryn Jean Lopez at Aleteia
Eucharistic Procession by Boat in Louisiana on the Assumption – G. DiPippo at New Liturgical Movement
Matthew Walther & Wil. Borman To Launch A New Catholic Magazine, “The Lamp” – P.J. Smith at Semiduplex

Pro-Life Movement Responds & Grows In New York City’s Ongoing Abortion War – Jeffrey Bruno at Aleteia
Science Has Proven Faith – Greg Chrysostom at Catholic Stand
Woke Capitalism: Neutrality Is Not An Option – Rod Dreher at The American Conservative
Religious Liberty: The Long View – David G. Bonagura, Jr., at Crisis Magazine
Is There A Patron Saint For Video Gamers? – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia
Tianjin Diocese: Bishop Melchior Shi Hongzhen Forced to Join Patriotic Church – Wang Gong at Bitter Winter
A Million Dreams – Kat Larson at Ignitum Today

Vincent Lambert Dies After Removal of Food & Water – CNA via National Catholic Register
Secretary Pompeo: Don’t Forget That Human Rights Depend On Natural Law – Dn. Philpott, Ph.D., at Public. . .

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